Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Finds -Bottles and Poppies

I've pretty much reached the end of my studio reorganization. At least I can work in it now and I still have a few empty shelves in the closet. Yes!
While going through everything' I found some old photos and memorabilia that brought back wonderful memories. I also found a small box of tiny bottles bought in a garage sale 2 summers ago. Best find ever! 
(iPhone, Snapseed, Stackables)
I set them up and waited for a morning I could pick some poppies and shoot away. I also found I was going to have to rearrange just a bit more so my body is not in the way of my morning light.

I was fretting early this spring that I might not have many poppies because the rabbits kept eating them. Unfortunately our little pellet gun is not sighted in correctly. We missed a whole lot more than we hit. But they survived in a few spots, one being next to the bird bath. I about died when I walked out a couple days ago and saw this.
(iPhone, Enlight app)
I tried to capture the same thing on the Canon but it's not quite the same.

More shots I found time to edit yesterday. I've made a preset that brings out the detail in the red and applied it to all of these. Then added another on top of some.
Added kk_serendipitous. (ISO 160 100mm f/5.6 1/180sec)

Added kk_serendipitous. (ISO 160 100mm f/5.6 1/180sec)

An old preset of Kim's called AutumnCopperII. (ISO 100 100mm f/4 1/250sec)

Added kk_lightandairyfilm. (ISO 100 100mm f/4.5 1/180sec)

Here's a before and after so you can see how the 'red' changes. Exactly one year ago I gave the details on my blog for these settings. Check out 'Shooting Red'.

Joining Kim for Friday Finds!
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  1. I love seeing your poppies. Definitely a difference between iPhone and Canon in the joy of processing part, at least it is for me.

  2. So gorgeous! I'm always on the lookout for interesting bottles and jars. And those poppies! Wow!

  3. Wow, oh wow! I especially love that reflection shot. Outstanding!

  4. What a great collection of old bottles, Roxi !
    And wow, those poppies ... the one with the reflection is gorgeous, wonderful edits too !
    Happy weekend,

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous poppies in those amazing bottles - love!

  6. That first image and the one with the bird bath look quite extraordinary, Roxi, I really like them. I've seen quite a few poppies in the fields around lately, it's obviously their season now and they are so prominent... In my experience, red colour is a difficult one and it's interesting to see these adjustments and those you provided a link to as getting it right in the camera sometimes seems utterly impossible.

  7. These are beautiful shots! I just love shooting poppies. We have some in the garden, but they haven't opened yet.


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