Monday, October 3, 2016

Mobile Art Monday No. 50

This may be the last Mobile Art Monday for this year...
I have a big art show coming up in November and a 2 week RV vacation in October. (again? you say!) Yes, we're going east as far as Asheville NC. Perhaps I'l be able to post a few road trip photos from my iPad. I'm going to check into getting a new 7+ before we leave and if so, you'll find out if I'm impressed or not.
It's been a long time since I had an image featured on Instagram. I was getting a bit discouraged and I realized how unstimulating some of my work had become. Or I should say uncreative. But then with the artsy stuff I do, I don't know what hashtags to use to get it noticed. Well, this finally got a feature today by @Illustrious_Art.
Since it is pumpkin season I have been going nuts with edits. I love the fall colors and I've been doing some still life set ups. I can reach a much bigger crowd with that style anyway. Kind of like killing two birds with one stone. Although a lot of the still life people don't go for the texture anymore. 

I did several versions of this edit in Stackables. The reason I chose this one besides the fact that I like it was because of the teal coloring. Anything turquoise gets more likes (unless it's pink.) Here is the formula in case you would care to use it. ( pumpkins2016 ) Check out the instructions at the end of this post for adding formulas to your Stackables app.
Be forewarned... the background on this photo was black/dark gray.

Here are a few other versions with some of my formulas.

I'm one person away from reaching 1000 followers on Instagram and I may just have to celebrate with a little give away after vacation.
Hope you'll be having some great Mobile Art Mondays the rest of this year.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Family Farm

As long as there is a son in the family who has farming in his heart, I will always have this place to come home to.
It looked totally different back in the 60's and 70's.
As I was growing up we raised wheat, rye, millet, oats, barley, corn, and later a few sunflowers. Oh, and flax, my favorite because it felt good to the feet and hands when you climbed in the truck bed to 'play' as it was getting augured in. Smooth and slippery like satin. Now it's just 2 crops, corn and soybeans. Yes, I'm sure they are both GMO and some day in the future that landscape will again look a bit different.
Dad retired from farming many years ago but my brother and his son are still there and are techno geeks when it comes to the latest and greatest methods. (GPS)
I sometime wonder what my grandfather would think about all of it. He farmed this land first. Well actually someone else did for a few years before him so we can almost say it was always in the family. 

There is still one original building standing. The barn where we milked cows. Not your typical barn, half as tall as most around the country.

 New reflected in the old.

I remember the pasture behind it and the cow trails and how you'd have to dodge the piles. That's where I first learned about grub worms.

There would always be a few foxtails growing there.
On the north edge of the pasture was a grove of trees. I only remember the Russian Olive trees, my favorite. They are long gone as is the pasture and fence. An extremely large metal building stands there where the guys do their inventing and building of specialized equipment. My nephew actually holds several patents and is the genius behind most of it. 

The east side of the pasture was bordered by the river. Technically called the Maple Creek. We fished there in the summer and skated in the winter. Swimming wasn't a good idea unless you wanted to come out with a few leeches attached. My sister-in-law paddles down it in her kayak these days.

Have you ever tried choke cherry jelly? To get the real flavor out one must grind the berries in a sausage grinder so the seeds will crack. The incredibly dark juice will stain everything in site and of course it must be strained through cheese cloth. A process of love for sure and a bit of a lost art in that area now. I was so tempted to pick some but I've cut way back on sugar and don't need this temptation.

And of course the milkweed. Ready to spread itself into the future.

How about your summer? Did you revisit some wonderful childhood places?

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Our RV Movie Experience

You don't even want to know how the wind caught our 20' awning on the first day of our 2 week vacation going 65 mph down the highway right outside of Dodge City through the central plains. To make a long story short… 
Standing at each end of the awning with our arms in the air, we both try to hold the support poles stead in 30 MPH wind staring at each other dumbfounded. It had uncoiled about three feet and appeared locked in that position. Tension builds (in each of us). Duct tape for a few miles. Well maybe 2 miles. Then more duct tape. We find a building in town to block the wind. Climbing the short ladder an attempt is made to get it to recoil. Not budging. The tall ladder is drug out and he climbs up to the top. I follow intrepidly. It's now obvious the whole thing is bent out on one end by 2'. I say let's just cut it off. We do it without a second thought. We disassemble as much as possible. Lucky for us it's Labor Day and no one is around to see us leave that 20' monster beside a nearby dumpster.
Thus, our first 'RV movie' experience.

If my phone had been in my pocket, I would have sneakily set it on mute, grabbed a few shots of the 'trash' so as not to aggravate an already agitated man. But all that remains are a few bolts that were in my pocket from an attempt to dismantle it from the top.
This was our first 'real' trip in this 'bus'. We previously had a few overnighters in the church parking lot where hubby's folks live and a 2 nighter in Amarillo. This wasn't a great way to start a 2 week trip across the country. We really didn't need that awning anyway and we were fortunate it did no damage.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Vintage Playground

Vacations to my home state of N. Dak. always come with mixed emotions. 
As we drove through this little town's park I spied a 'slippery slide'! "Oh! Blake!" I cried. "I have to take its picture." Then I knew I had to climb it, so I gave him my phone with a few instructions. I hadn't seen one of these since graduating high school. 

It felt stable and I believed I could fit under the bar even though I wasn't planning on going down it.

So..... Why not, it looked clean enough but it sure wasn't very slippery. 

The park also had one of these fabulous merri-go-rounds. 

I had to give it a twirl and hubby humored me. 

We made the trip home this year by RV instead of car or plane. It took an extra day coming but we're taking several extra days going back so we can actually have some vacation time of our own. One of my nephews got married and it was the perfect time of year for going home. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

It's Ok to Hate Hackers

Sometimes technology is just the biggest pain in the butt!

This week I paid for and downloaded an app called Prisma which a lot of folks were using on Instagram. There seemed to be several to pick from and this one actually had a price tag so I figured it was the one. Nope! But before I could download it I had to log in as usual with my Apple ID and this time it asked for my card security code for verification. That should have been my first clue. But it seemed that had happened before once or maybe to my hubby, so no alarms were particularly going off in my head. But then when I opened it and it was a stupid Hangman game I was a bit ticked. I immediately went and changed my Apple password, (I still want the old one back) then logged on to my credit card and changed the password there too. This time I set up alerts that will email me everytime a transaction is made. 
Well, 2 days later (today) I get an email that says there has been a recent login on my Twitter account from Chrome on Windows in Spain. AAAUUUGGGHHHHH! And all of a sudden I have 2 more emails stating new followers. So I go to change my password and see this luscious naked girl in my profile. And another in a tweet 'I' have sent. 
Understand, I don't even use twitter. I had one person I followed initially (Barb B.) and 1 follower. (Barb B.) Time to clean house. I thought about deleting the account and I may go back and do so but it was interesting that all of a sudden I was following 50 people. I'm sure they appreciate it. NOT. Makes me wonder if this is how I end up with some of the strange followers I have on Instagram. I usually block them but haven't lately. Perhaps it's time to clean house there too. I have nearly 1000 and when I hit it I will celebrate somehow. Perhaps a give away. But for now I will go and block a bunch of them. 
Here's how. Just go to your profile page. Click on Followers. Scroll through your list and if you see anyone questionable, click their name and it will take you to their page. If they look like someone you don't particularly want seeing your feed, click on the three dots up at the very top right hand corner and then chose Block User. It will ask you if you're sure, which is nice of them. and click yes!
This will take me awhile but I've been thinking about it for some time so I need to JUST DO IT!
I suppose if I was real smart I'd go change passwords on most of my important accounts. 

Guess I know what I'll be doing on my day off tomorrow. 
Stackables (formula coming soon).
Hope your Monday was good. Sometimes I just need to get these things off my chest and hopefully you'll be a little more aware because of what I shared.