Monday, June 1, 2015

Mobile Art Monday No. 21

The finished result of a painterly garden edit.

I begin most of my editing in Snapseed to tone, crop, tweak, whatever it needs to generally look good.
While I was there I played with some Retrolux filters and liked the way these with the white edge helped balance the daisies. Unfortunately there is not as much control over the light leaks as there used to be such as rotation. If there is, I haven't found it.

But this is a rabbit trail so back to the 'paint'.
I used my good edit from Snapseed to add paint strokes in the Brushstroke app. 
Formula N7 (This will be my bottom layer in Leonardo.)

Formula N6
Did you know you can control the amount of 'paint' applied by sliding your finger across the screen?

Using my good edit from Snapseed I'll create a line drawing in iColorama. (Style>Edges.) I saved 2 at different strengths because the heaviness of the lines wasn't even across the photo. My intent is to mask out portions of each in the next app, Leonardo.

Leonardo is much like photoshop in that you have layers to change blend modes and mask out areas of the layers. Here is a screen shot of the layers.
Note the opacities and blend modes of each layer.
The blend modes on the line art are color burn and overly. This gives a little coloring to the lines rather than having them set to multiply or darken and just being black lines.
I duplicated my second layer in order to paint in more of the poppies. An easy way to do this is to mask out the poppies, then invert the mask.

After saving I opened this photo in PhotoToaster. Why? because this app has a lighten/darken brush that makes it super easy to add dark or light just where you want it. I also added a filter that changed the coloring a bit. (Textures>Old Paper)

Since playtime wasn't over, I opened RePix and with the charcoal brush around the edges, ended up with this.

I still can't believe it's already June. Here's to a summer filled with photographic delight!


  1. I don't know how you even think to combine all these apps and processes, but you always come up with amazing results. This is beautiful.

  2. I Love your edits! Thanks so much for letting us know your steps! It is beautiful

  3. I just love your Mobile Art Monday - beautiful work as usual Roxi!

  4. Amazing use of apps! Great edit!

  5. Quite fascinating all your steps and the result is wonderful.


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