Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mobile Art Monday No. 22

Snapseed had a huge update earlier this year but sadly, they left out the grunge filters. Not for long! Last week they brought the grunge back. Yeah!
Here's my finished edit. 

I actually used two of my Snapseed edits and layered them in Leonardo to replace some of the white cosmos that disappeared near the top in the grunge edit. The original...

These are a few other examples of edits I did in Snapseed. 
A nice clean edit. Quite a difference, right? I did add a drama preset and lowered the strength a lot. 
I'm on vacation and it's a bit hard to post from my iPad so I'm hoping these are sized right. 
Have a great Mobile Art Monday!


  1. These are so nice!! I hope you don't mind me setting this as my lock screen on my phone :)

  2. I love Snapseed more and more every day. It is always my first go to. Lovely edit.


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