Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Finds January 9

It's a new year with some new stuff.
Once again I've over-committed on class sign ups. I'm sitting here remembering this post the beginning of last year. I listed all the classes I'd signed up to take the year before and it was daunting. I am NOT a finisher. (with a few exceptions) Last month I had signed up for two year long classes and totally forgot about them when I promptly signed up for two more. Some one shoot me! (perhaps with a camera not a gun) Oh well… I'll learn what I will learn.

So I got a new journal, this one specifically for The Studio with Kim Klassen. It just happened to match my new cell phone cover.
By default I ended up with an iPhone 6+. It's not what I wanted and still hate the fact that I cannot sit comfortably with it in my back pocket. The rest of it I have come to love. With these old eyes I've even done a little photo editing on it's big screen.
The cup is actually pale aqua and was a Christmas present from hubby that I picked out. Soon I will get him set up on Pinterest so that I'll have a wish list he can purchase from and surprise me. (Valentines is coming up you know.)

I also found if you don't get the bare tree put away before the grand daughter comes over, she will redecorate it for you.

I have decided I will review that old class list. And make another list from 2014. It will be interesting to compare the two years. Right now I feel a bit overwhelmed with all the things I would like to do this year. I haven't totally settled on a 'word' either. Lots of things just swirling in my head today and year-end booking is calling my name. Besides my name I believe I hear some cuss words.

I will be doing a series called Mobile Art Mondays this year. My first post was Jan 5th. Join me on Mondays for tips, tutorials and inspiration!

Hope your year is off to a great start!
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  1. Roxi, the photo of your granddaughter redecorating your tree was a wonderful surprise that made me laugh out loud. She's doing a great job of it, too! I too struggle with finishing things. In fact, my word for the year is Finish...or Complete...I can't quite decide which. It's basically the same idea in either case. I want to finish projects I've been talking about for years, and to carry through on classes and other commitments I've made. Best of luck to both of us!

  2. Oh, yes! It's so easy to over commit to classes when they're so readily available. I've done the same and am determined not to do that again this year. I find I do better with the shorter classes. I love Kim and have signed up for The Studio but I'm so delinquent in Be Still that it's embarrassing. Well, Roxi, we'll just do the best we can do and that will be that! Have a great 2015!

  3. Love the fresh start. A journal for an online class, why didn't I think of that.

  4. I got a little chuckle over the re-decorating of the tree :) I noticed right away the journal and phone coordination, nice find. And there are so many things I want to "reach" [my word] for this year, I'm really trying not to over commit so that I can play.

  5. Oh you are so right overextending on all the lovely classes, when will we learn. I have a new journal too actually maybe more than one !!! See you in class....

  6. Great post - I needed the chuckle you provided. I was doing real good at only signing up for one additional class (to run with another for the first half of this year). Then I clicked your link to the recap of your prior classes...and I checked out some of them. Then I caved! Just signed up for another class.

  7. hi Roxi ... I know what you mean about too many classes, but I am sure they are so inspirational! For me, the classes are my little indulgence ... and I figure I deserve them :~) I am off to by a new ipone 6 this weekend ... glad you like yours! Now I am off to check out your Mobile Art Monday!

  8. I love your matching cup and journal! I'm excited about The Studio ... I chuckled out loud seeing your granddaughter re-decorating - how sweet! Love your new Mobile Monday!!

  9. I hear you on taking so much on in the past year, I will not be doing that or at least that is my plan to cut back on social media and just concentrate on my blog as my journal for 2015 and Discovery myself. I feel the need to get away from the computer and iPhone more, but will be checking in on people I have admired and enjoy like you my dear Roxie. Love your iPhone edits a lot and will be checking on Mondays to see what you are up to, thanks for the heads up. Your images here are always insightful. Happy New Year

  10. That is one of the awesome things about my project for this year. If it doesn't fit into doing something for the project I am not signing up for it. So far I have two year long classes and one self-portrait class in February and that is it.

  11. Great idea for this year .... And for FF of course. Wish you a fine sunday!


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