Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mobile Still Life

My still life shots have become more simple this season. And dark and moody have fit the weather around here. But my last more colorful edit turned out to be my favorite.

The original.

Snapseed for toning and a little drama added.

Facetune to sharpen my subjects and smooth out the foreground and background.

I imported this 'working' version as both the foreground and background into Superimpose. Changed the blend mode on the top layer to screen to light the image then masked out the subjects. Merged layers. Re-imported the the 'working' version and set to multiply on low opacity to darken the shadows beneath the subjects by masking out the rest of the image.

ReTouch (formerly TouchRetouch) used to even out the blotchy foreground.

In RePix I used the Blender brush to smooth out more of the foreground and background.

Still in RePix, I added strokes with the hatch brush and charcoal brush.

For further blending, I opened this in Stackables, one of my most favorite apps. I only applied to layers to just add a touch of texture. Rainclouds Hardlight 25% and Steelclaw Screen 50%. 

I loved the lack of color/moodiness but I was up for more play and decided to flip through some formulas. I loved what Hometown (creator Till Kottman) did for my image. You'll find it under the 'starred' formulas about half way down.

This is a purple passion fruit which left me anything but passionate about it. The juice was soooo sour I just threw it away when I was finished shooting.

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  1. Gorgeous edit! Love seeing all of the edits - wow!

  2. Oh, my gosh ... what amazing edits ... I love that paintbrush effect on the foreground. But my mouth is watering and I'm wondering what that fruit is??

  3. A wonderful process, thank you for showing all the steps! I haven't tried Superimpose yet - I need to try that soon :)

  4. Love what you did to the foreground, perfect.

  5. Thanks for taking us through the journey of pp. Truely a work of art you have created.

  6. I am an odd one. I actually like the original the best.


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