Friday, July 21, 2017

Perfect Timing

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Where do I even begin?

I can't believe I haven't been here since May 4th, or can I? The last four months have been a blur.
I can truly say from my heart that I wouldn't trade it for anything; however I would not like to repeat it and hope I won't have to.
Dealing with hubby's folk's nursing home adventures.
Time line:
March 15:  Tricked into their hometown facility for 2 1/2 weeks.
April 1:  Moved them to an 'assisted living house' in our city near our home.
May 24: Daddy starts falling/sliding out of his chair.
June 2: He's not able to bear his own weight. The next day we witness him having a mini stroke (we had been suspicious of such) End up calling in Hospice. They give him a week. A week later they give him another week, after that they quit guessing because he seems stable other than having trouble swallowing and not eating much. He's already extra skinny. The first 2 weeks we were there constantly feeding him because they had put an NPO on the wall. They took it down after we proved he could do small sips through a straw.
June 24:  She escapes the house 3 times and the third time she is hooking it down the busy two lane road determined she's going home. Cars having to drive around her.
Calls are made and we spend the next three days getting her new room ready.
June 28:  Her 79th birthday. We move her to a very nice memory care unit very close to our house.
June 30: Their 61st anniversary, the first one that they are apart. (fortunately they don't even realize it.)
July 5:  He starts going down hill fast.
July 9:  He passes.
July 14:  He's buried. We don't even question that we will not take her to the funeral. (alzheimer's)
In all this, God's timing has been so perfect. I sit back in awe at how everything unfolded.

She's doing extremely well in the new place, we are breathing much easier and looking forward to a badly needed vacation in a few weeks.

In the mean time I try to play catch up at work and in the garden.
Life is good.

155 cherry tomatoes, one day, one plant
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