Thursday, May 4, 2017

Expensive Equipment

As I once again click "order" at the bottom of the Dick Blick page, I'm reminded of the fact in photography that it's not the equipment that you use but the 'eye' that you have or your ability to turn it into something afterward.
Oh well, too late, I've already clicked the button.
I've been collecting art supplies for a couple years now. Have I done much with them? No. But I have made an attempt this year to play. As long as I can follow along in a class or watch a video I can produce some work. Most of these find their way into digital work because they're not good enough for anything else except maybe a journal page but then when do I ever do that?
I have a nice stack of papers now that I'd love to make into a book. But I'll probably wait till I have more of a variety and it'll be a someday thing.
I signed up for an abstract flower class on Ivy Newport's site awhile back and figured I'd better review the supply list. Oh my, it was watercolor and I was thinking acrylic... Since I just made a few bucks at my last show, I'm determined to spend it on more supplies for my collection. Besides watercolors, I ordered some pan pastels that have been on my list forever. Some inks and a few encaustic paints also found their way into the shopping cart.
It will arrive just 2 days before class so in the mean time I will play a bit with the few watercolors that I do have. I ordered Golden's Qor because a teacher friend says she like those best and I love Golden's others paints.
Now back to that 'equipment' issue. I passed on the Daniel Smith and Holbein paints that were on the supply list although those were tempting but oh so pricy. That at least made me feel somewhat good about my purchase. Now to just use what I have and not let it sit in the closet.
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  1. I have quite the collection of supplies too!

  2. I love art supplies so much! I too have quite the collection and seldom use any. I've become quite severe with myself about not getting any more until I use what I have. Maybe this summer? Sure....


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