Monday, September 21, 2015

Mobile Art Monday No. 33

I'm knee deep in classes right now so I'll just share a few of my favorite new found Hipstamatic combos. I'm doing #hipstaadayseptember on Instagram and I'll bet I do it for October too.
Sergio Lens and Irom 2000 film. Love that blur from the lens.

Gregory lens and Robusta film. I find myself using that film quite a bit.

Sergio Lens and Kodama film. It isn't very often I can capture a bee.

A new one I tried is the Eric lens paired here with Robusta film. It gives a very contrasty look.

Another with the Gregory lens and Robusta film. I really love taking shots of my granddaughter with Hipstamatic.

Gregory and Robusta. She and her PawPaw appear to be doing exercise in the grass. (At her prompting.)

Another new lens, Akira and Robusta film. 

Anyone is welcome to join me, just add the hashtag #hipstaadayseptember to your hipsta shots.
Hope you've had a good Monday.

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