Monday, September 28, 2015

Mobile Art Monday No.34

I have just a few days left to post my 30 Days of Pumpkins for the month of September so I'm trying to plan a few biggies for the finale.
Today I played with some of my saved formulas in Mextures. I came across this colorful one and it was my favorite.

Another one I liked from the guest formulas category.

I couldn't resist a play in Stackables while I was at it.

And right now I'm tempted to try them in Waterlogue or Brushstroke for some painterly edits, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.


  1. I love all of these but thee top one has to be my favorite. These would make such lovely cards....

  2. All lovely! Like these apps. Haven't clapped eyes on a single pumpkin here yet!

  3. The first is my favorite, too. Beautiful color and texture - very painterly.


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