Monday, September 14, 2015

Mobile Art Monday No. 32

It was quite by accident that I was able to achieve this edit in iColorama. I will tell you what I did to get here but I'm afraid I can't tell you why or how some of it worked because parts of the app are confusing to me. I will eventually know it inside out, but for now....

In iColorama I started with this photo that was shot in Hipstamatic
You shouldn't need to do this, but you can if you want. To get rid of the 'canvas' texture I chose Style>Coherence>Preset 1. Click Apply.

Next choose Brush>Bristle. You have to wait a few seconds for your canvas to turn 'white' (completely blank) then you begin to 'paint' back in the part of the photo you want revealed. I left it on Preset 1 but you can try some of the others. Be warned, some will smear the paint. (I didn't change the brush)
When you're satisfied (there is only one undo) click the Apply check mark.

Staying in the Brush Module, choose Paint. Pick a brush that is the pattern you would like to 'erase' your art. In brushes click on 'single' to get the choices of that particular brush category. Adjust the size. Then 'stamp' at the outer edge to get 'edge' patterns. Remember there is only one undo.
 However, once you've clicked Apply you can go to Steps in the upper left corner to back up to a previously saved step.

Next Choose Style>Edges, change the blend mode to Multiply. You can choose a different preset or change the size of the edge line width. 
BEFORE you click apply... Click the Zoom/Move tool. A blue line appears around the whole screen to show it is active. Move your photo to the left and zoom in so you can see one side of your edges. touch the Zoom/Move again to deactivate it.

Touch the Brush/Mask. It has a red line to show it's active. Now 'erase' any edge lines you wish. I left just the ones around the white filagrees. If you change your sketch layer back to normal it's easier to see where you've erased it. Then change back to multiply.
NOW click apply.

If you'd like to play with a little color change, choose Preset>Colors2. Choose a preset, change the blend mode, lots of options for some different toning.
Save your file, don't close the app. Go to Steps, chose the first step to get back to the original photo. (if you didn't do Coherence, if you did you may want to choose that one.)
Next under Style>Edges. Choose a preset that shows good outlines. This will only be for reference for drawing purposes unless you want to use it for your sketch layer. Save to camera roll.
Next up, Procreate!
For great tutorials on how to get started with Procreate checkout The Digital Painter's YouTube. He has three great tutorials.
Here are what my layers looked like. 
Initially I reduced the opacity of the sketch layer to use it for a guide to sketch by. Be sure to create a new layer to sketch on. The first ink layer was black. Then I decided a little white ink might look nice. So that went on a separate layer. 
After I thought I was finished, I changed the original sketch layer to 15% opacity and blend mode soft light to brighten up the whole piece. 


  1. Very helpful tutorial. The sheer complexity of this app sometimes puts me off but is worth the effort!

  2. You amaze me. I love what you have done with this capture. It's a hard app for me but you have given some really good instructions. Now I just have to see if I can follow them....

  3. Wonderful, looks like you really had fun with this. Do you always use hipstamatic? I am a newbie to phone photography and trying to find my way...

    1. I usually don't start with a Hipstamatic shot, but I didn't shoot this one with the regular camera and I wanted to use it.

  4. It is such a vast app. and so confusing, thanks for the tutorial on it. Love what you did.

  5. I know I will never do this, but I do so admire your creativity with these apps! I doubt if anyone seeing the final image would ever guess you'd started with a photograph.


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!