Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer at the Garden and Arts Center

Spring is my usual time to shoot the flowers at the Garden and Arts Center. The poppies just make me swoon. But I stopped in this week to what was going on. The rudbeckia were just phenomenal. I had taken my 70-300 lens by recommendation of Kathleen Clemons. I used to use it on my flowers but had gotten out of the habit. 
I love the rich moodiness of this.
f/5.6, 1/350, ISO 320.....f/4.5, 1/180, ISO 160

f/5.6, 1/350, ISO 320.....f/6.7, 1/180, ISO 320.....

I was also pleased with the shots using my 100mm.
f/4.5, 1/125, ISO 160

f/2.8, 1/250, ISO 100

f/2.8, 1/125, ISO 320

f/2.8, 1/125, ISO 100

These babies were surrounded by gaillardia, also known as blanket flower. They had planted several species. I don't think I got shots of all the colors.
f/2.8, 1/180, ISO 100

f/2.8, 1/180, ISO 100.......f/4, 1/180, ISO 160

Back to the long lens. Taken at 300mm, f/5.6, 1/350, ISO 800
I may just have to go back.

I took a ton more with my phone so maybe you'll see more on Mobile Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. These are really sublime Roxi. Lovethe way that long lens isolates the flowers! Love the light you caught.

  2. Gosh, Roxi, these make my heart go whoop whoop oh yes. Gorgeous each is more beautiful than the next. These all deserve to be framed.

  3. Gah ... I always adore your bright sunflower images, but these rudbeckia make my heart pound ... love the first one especially!

  4. I love the left one in the second set from the top, that sepia tone is to die for.

  5. Very nice I really like the second from the bottom. I was wondering if that is a preset?


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