Monday, July 27, 2015

Mobile Art Monday No. 27

The Formulas App has an update with great features. You now have access to your custom formulas from Stackables to apply as a filter. You can adjust the opacity then stack on more from either Stackables or Formulas. This gives Formulas a whole lot more versatility. 
My latest sunflower...

On it's own, it was a little ho hum.

This was one time I didn't save my editing information, but I did play around before I settled on this edit. 
I was able, however, to recreate this one.

In Formulas, I imported my original image and chose the far left formulas icon. 
I picked my Yellow Daisy formula (from my Stackables custom formulas which magically show up at the bottom) and lowered the opacity to 70%.

I clicked the checkmark and chose the first option, "apply edits and start new session".
Press the arrow at the top to start adding more effects. By default the Formulas effects are available across the bottom.
I chose the last one, Reminisce, and lowered the opacity to 77%. Then saved to camera roll.

I added a 'sketch layer' to the top image for more definition. This was created in SketchGuru, Simple sketch no. 2.

It was layered over my Formulas image in Superimpose with the blend mode set to multiply 100% to achieve this...

Have a great Monday!

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  1. I love Formulas App. Great edit of your sunflower.


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