Monday, July 13, 2015

Mobile Art Monday No.26

It time for the peaches!

Since the past two years' crops were lost to late freezes, I was chopping at the bit to get back to the peach orchard.
They provide the cart and boxes. I went armed with baskets, tea towels, bottled water and 2 cameras.

I chose a nice loose cool linen shirt that proved to be great for gathering. (Silly me, I should have been using my baskets.)

I think these gals will be quite busy with all they collected.

(Hipstamatic, Dream Canvas film and Bettie XL lens.)

I had so many distractions that morning that I ended up out there at noon with the temps in the upper 80's and humidity to match.
Twenty nine pounds and $58 dollars later I had pretty much decided I would not come back again this year. But a different variety will be ready in two weeks and I may have to get just a few to see if I prefer the later crop.
I spent 3+ hours peeling and chopping, bagging and freezing. A peach and basil smoothie was the first to be consumed. Next priority is Peach Crisp or pie.
Have a great Mobile Art Monday!


  1. Always love your edits Roxi, and that one with the peaches in your shirt is just awesome.

  2. Our peaches are just starting here, I saw the first ones at the market on Saturday. I remember going to pick as a young girl with my great-aunt. She always took us on the fun adventures.

  3. That is a lot of peaches ! We don't grow too many over here it's not warm enough but my you should see the size of the strawberries !!!


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