Monday, April 20, 2015

Mobile Art Monday No. 15

Because of fabulous moisture this winter and early spring rains, my iris are going crazy right now. It's been a sea of purples, from soft pinky purple to deep midnight purple, sprinkled with a few white daisies. Yesterday a few yellows and a rich brown have joined the chorus. By next week my favorite pinks will show their lovely faces. 

This week I've used Leonardo to layer up my creation.

My original….with a few tweaks in Snapseed and Retouch.

I was cleaning up my iPad icons and noticed quite a few apps that I couldn't remember what they were…. So I opened Shift, found a filter that looked good...

 and from that app opened it in Fragment.

I layered this over the top of the previous in Leonardo with the opacity reduced and blend mode set to screen.
Then I added a photo of a mixed media background I had painted for more background texture (gelli roll style).

I added a 'garden' sign from a previously edited photo and masked it.

I added one of my iris sketches and used 'parts' on four different layers.

Next… into Stackables where I cruised my saved formulas for a starting point. I found these two but decided I liked the grungy contrast of the one at the top.

Hoping this monday starts your week off with beauty.


  1. Thanks for the journey through the edits - love the end result!

  2. Thanks so much for your tips Roxi since I got my 5s I find i am using it far more as a camera . Love you edits

  3. These all just speak fun Roxi. Love the edits.


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