Thursday, April 16, 2015

Daisies, 100 Day Project, Day 8

My 100 Day Project is coming along nicely.
I stared at a few how to sketch books at Micheal's yesterday and one was really tempting. I may just have to go back.
At this point I'm only 2 days behind but that is just fine. I'm not trying to keep up. If I just drew with out making a mobile edit I could probably keep up. But that is not the point for my project.
This is my original photo. As you can see in some of the edits, I cloned out parts of the background and blended in and blurred parts of the foreground.

This is the edit I spent most of my time on in Stackables and saved a new formula. 
Tip: Did you know you can re-order your own formulas so your favorites are at the top? This only works for your own formulas. I wish it would work for the others.

The rest are some of my 'saved' formulas.

And my sketch...

I will be looking for the simplest things to draw… Maybe I'll start taking photos of just parts of flowers. Ha, ha, ha! I have switched for a pen to a pencil so if I really need to I can pull out the eraser. I've made myself not because I want the imperfections. I'm also finding that it's a lot easier to draw something the exact size that it is instead of smaller. (I need to get larger paper because I'm drawing from my iPad onto a piece of 4x4" paper.) Makes my mind go crazy.


  1. Love this :-) Beautiful work with the photo adding layers and the drawing :-)

  2. I love these edits and really love that you're sketching!

  3. I always love the originals, but those edits are soooooo nice !!! :D

  4. Fabulous, Roxi! I can't draw so I love seeing your sketches. {I'm having the same trouble with Bloglovin on my iPad as you mentioned. If there's a post I want to comment on, I don't delete it and then try to get to it when I'm on the computer. I don't know what's up with Bloglovin but it's annoying!}

  5. Great variety of edits! Love how you are using your sketches!

  6. What an interesting project, Roxi. I prefer sketching with a pencil, probably because I'm not that good! The only times I use a pen are 1) if that's all I have at hand and 2) if I'm trying not to get bogged down in perfectionism.

  7. Your sketches are awesome! I wish we could re-order the other stackables formulas too. Maybe they can work on that.

  8. I love the Stackables edits of your daisies, Roxi!
    And I thought that the sketches are from an iPhone app, but now I see that you draw them yourself - thats fantastic! Is your 100-days project about photos or skecthes?

  9. Adore your edits, I have said this before but your phone edits are so wonderful


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