Monday, April 13, 2015

Mobile Art Monday No. 14

We had a large patch of asparagus on the farm where I grew up and it's one thing I will not go with out if I have a big enough spot to plant some. In my book, spring is officially here when I see it peaking from the ground.
My edit for the day…

My original (tweaked a bit in Snapseed)…

My sketch part of my 100 Day Project… (which has absolutely nothing to do with this edit.)

These are a few edits I did in Stackables.

Then I got the idea to layer the black and white over one of the colored edits and blend using Superimpose and got this.

Which gave me the idea to just make a colored texture layer and overlay the black and white.
The easiest way to make a colored texture background in Stackables is take a photo of a white sheet of paper that's not in bright light so it appears a light grey.

 Use it as your photo to add layers to in Stackables until you are pleased with the results and voila! Save it to your camera roll and you have a background to use as a background or a texture layer to layer on top of another photo.

I took this into Superimpose as my background and brought in the textured black and white, set the blend mode to darken and masked out a bit of the corner grunge.

Looking at this now I'm having lots of ideas so I may have to go play some more!

I'm linking up with Kim for Texture Tuesday.

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  1. Thanks for the tip on creating the background layer. Loved it!

  2. Love your tips thanks so much Roxi I'm finding that I'm using my camera phone so much more....

  3. Such different looks ! They're all amazing !

  4. I love your soft, colored background layer, and the finished image, too. That would be perfect framed to hang in the kitchen. In fact, I can imagine a set of different vegetables with this treatment.

  5. Way too complicated for me, but I love your result! You could do a series of prints with these.

  6. Very cool edits. Fascinating stuff!

  7. Love these! I'm fascinated with the variety of styles you have with the different edits.


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!