Monday, March 30, 2015

Mobile Art Monday No. 13

An end of the month wrap up of some of my favorite edits. March's Top 15.

It's hard to believe it looked like this the first part of the month. (Stackables)

A little out of my norm. It's just hard for me to not texturize my photos. (Hipstamatic, Jane lens and Irom 2000 film, a favorite combo.)

So I went overboard on this one. (Stackables)

Still celebrating winter… (Stackables, Retouch (moved the bird), Superimpose)

Finally spring arrives!
(Hipstamatic and Stackables)

(Hipstamatic and Stackables)


(Repix and Stackables)

(Snapseed, Superimpose, Leonardo, iColorama)

(Repix, Leonardo, Snapseed and Stackables)

This was actually shot with my Canon but I edited it on my iPad with Stackables.

I'm considering a veggie series. I would love to do them all in purple tones. (Stackables)

Sarah has inspired me to do some more self-portrait work. (Snapseed)

At trip to the in-laws proved the blue bonnets really were in bloom. (Stackables)

It was good to go through my photos from this month. Now if I will just take the time to do that with my Canon shots I may stay caught up and learn about what I'm shooting. I at least got a good bunch of them processed this month.

I'll be linking up with Barb for App Happy Wednesday also.

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  1. Roxi, what a beautiful collection of images, and such variety! I especially love that collage of roses. The colors and tones are just gorgeous. Love your self portrait, too.

  2. wonderful variety of edits! Love them all and amazed at your artistic ability! super duper!

  3. I really love your car shot, I could totally see that hanging on a wall somewhere.

  4. Such pretty little masterpieces each one, I also really love the car.

  5. I LOVE the one with the watering can. Good for you and the self-portrait work. I have fallen in love with it :)


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