Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Finds April 3

1. One of my cool techie finds this week was this great web-based app for Lightroom shortcuts. At the top, you can choose which module (like Develop), your platform (like Mac) and even which language. Then just hold down which ever modifier key(s) to reveal the shortcuts for that module. How cool is that???!!! I ended up printing all of them because I discovered a few I didn't know about and want to get in the habit of using. Here is the link to this fabulous gem.

2. I found the best little keychain purse. Just big enough for two 3/4" photos of two very special people. Brenda got her start making small gorgeously designed and crafted tooled leather purses. She now makes bracelet cuffs and earrings besides. You can see her work at different galleries her in Lubbock or purchase from her website, Texas Leather Working.

3. I found the Bluebonnets blooming an hour and a half south of here.

Along with a pregnant cat,

A mother and son discussing weed root lengths,

What wasn't mentioned was the fact the someone had done some random mowing and cut down about half of the blue bonnets (which of course is illegal). But no one remembers who did what these days.

4. I found my own awesome wildflowers peeking out near sunset from the neighbors back yard. I don't recall seeing these before. I like to take my 70-300 lens when I walk the dog. I noticed while editing that I sometimes have trouble getting a very sharp photo…I need to check into why. Maybe it's camera shake from zooming in so far. I trashed most of the shots from last nights walk.

5. I found 4 handsome men posing for a 4 generation photo at the Dairy Queen. Beggers can't be choosers. Even at this I had to 'stick' two photos together. I just didn't take enough shots and I felt pressured to hurry because someone was embarrassed.

Hope your Easter weekend is full of fun and family. It's snuck up on me big time. My sweet girl and I made a big mess and dyed eggs on Wednesday. She and I will have so much fun crafting together over the years.

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  1. Great finds Roxi ... I checked out the keyboard shortcuts - very cool. I enjoyed the mother and son series and your little granddaughter is adorable - enjoy - they grow so fast.

  2. Super finds Roxi, I love those bluebonnets ! Your family is lovely ! Enjoy this Easter weekend :)

  3. Great randoms. I wouldn't have a "clue" about #1 since I don't use Lightroom.
    Oh the Bluebonnets are so pretty & I love your flower find.
    Nice 4 Generation shot. Darling little photo holder too.
    Happy Easter.

  4. I love your post and photos..Cute keychain too :-)

  5. Your Four generation photo turned out great. You can't tell anything but that it was posed that way! Love the egg dyeing! Such a special time with little ones. Hate you lost some of your bluebonnets! Ooops! Have a Blessed Easter!

  6. Fun post! Love the keychain purse. I love bluebonnets. (I love a lot ... !!!!!) You will have many happy crafting days with the little one ... such wonderful memories, too! 4 generations ... yeehaw!!! Happy Easter!

  7. Great finds. Love the four generation photo.

  8. I remember the fields of bluebonnets while I was stationed at Ft. Hood. So beautiful. You have great finds this week.


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