Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Crocus Surprise

Like most of the country we too are having above the norm snow this year. Since it hit at the end of February it's interrupted our spring bloom out. The trees were beginning to show green. (although two weeks earlier than normal, probably because we had good moisture this year.)
I managed to stop by our Garden and Art Center last Monday on the way back from delivering a photo to the Buddy Holly Center for a coming exhibit. It was one of those times I almost didn't but thought I may as well see if the daffys were blooming. I only had my phone but it didn't let me down. I was more than thrilled to see the crocus!
A few SOOC or should I say SOOP?

All the shots in the grid were taken with Camera+ on the macro setting except for the 'from above' shot of the purple crocus (native iPhone6+ camera app).

I had to edit a few in Stackables of course.

Did you have a reoccurrence of winter where you live? 
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  1. Recurrence of winter? No, just a continuance! Love your photos - a much needed injection of springtime color and hope.

  2. Gosh Roxie, I love these and those last two with the haze oh my wonderful. You are just the best with you phone and apps but then again it is the person taking the photo that makes the difference also.

  3. Images to make the heart sing! Absolutely delightful....

  4. Absolutely gorgeous images Roxi! You can really rock Camera+ - wow! Thanks so much for linking up today!

  5. Beautiful... Love those vibrant colors. And your editing is amazing.

    Hugs, Linda
    My Happy Place

  6. Oh, I am so jealous! Crocus! The yellow and purple is so beautiful. We have little green shoots but they're kind of in a state of suspension now I think, with all the snow and cold we've had. I really love these photos and they do instill the promise of spring. I love Camera+ and shoot almost exclusively with it. I'm careful to delete the photos I don't use, though, because they take up too much storage. I'm still working to get the hang of the macro feature. You've encouraged me to keep at it!


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