Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Defining Age

Some mornings I just want to chill. Or do I really mean check out? 
I'll escape to the grocery store that has a large coffee bar and get my breakfast burrito and coffee and read emails, FB and my friends blogs. When I'm in this 'mood' I rarely leave inspired. It doesn't usually get me out of the lazy funk I'm in. 
Today as I look around it's very crowded. I'm counting 36 people out of which only four are women. It's 8:45 and the number of obviously retired folk are only five. There is a group of old guys that come here every morning but today a few didn't show up. I would image they usually try to schedule their doctor's appointments around their coffee time. 
Oops, another female just showed up. She appears in her 60s but is dressed in red leggings, knee high gorgeous grey boots, her top barely long enough to cover her bottom, long blonde thick hair that looks like a wig, red lipstick and expensive sunglasses. Looking at her reminds me of a friend (male) that is struggling to hold on to youth. He's without a job now for a year and a half and is in his latter 50s. And that's all I dare say about him. I see those cute clothes in the junior department and wish they would fit because the ones that do in the women's look like old lady clothes. Of course I don't FEEL like an old lady. (Except sometimes when I get out of bed). 
"Old"-  The definition is relative. It is calculated by adding 15 years to your age. (Or perhaps 20.)
We have in the past couple weeks crossed over into the "Caring For Elderly Parents" roll. And none too soon. Although last year they might have remembered more things than they do now. I'm learning about POAs, PODs, IRAs and RMDs. And what happens when you haven't done an RMD for 6 years. I can't imagine why a bank would let you NOT do one. I'm learning about filing amended tax returns and that the SSAdmin sucks. They will be or biggest problem unless we can find someone that has a good friend that works there. 
We feel honored to be able to take care of the things they need help with. But it's harder when they live 100 miles away.
The girl in the red leggings..... She has a heart of gold. I've now watched her interact with several of the people and one worker to whom she gave a present. They chatted and hugged for several minutes.
Life is good.
Yes, it is a wig. She just pulled it up into a ponytail. (Only a hairstylist would know. I think she is one too.)
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  1. Gosh I love this image - the angle of the shot is so interesting, the diagonal lines give it such drama, and all of that beautiful texture (hard glass, soft fur, variety of fabric) - the light is wonderful too.
    There are times when I feel old too - and times when I wish I could be the girl wearing the red leggings :)

  2. Aging is a unique life experience. Hubby and I are blessed to still have our moms and dads with us - although miles and miles away. We are learning new things about the legal/financial aspects of aging. Our parents are beginning to enter their nineties...this also means we are quickly approaching our 70's - so what we are learning, we are trying to get worked out for ourselves too. Hopefully that will make things easier for our kids in about 20 years.

    Love how one hairstylist can recognize another - I haven't done hair for over 30 years, but I can still tell.

  3. Oh, I am so with you. THe clothes we can wear...ugh. It is so hard to find something cute or classy. I will fight this with every last breath I have...but not enough to get plastic surgery. That's what photoshop is for. haha! Rebecca

  4. We have the caring for elderly parents around the corner too. Not looking forward to it.

  5. That photo is amazing, I'm trying to figure out who the person is, what are they looking at, are they lonely? or are they watching a loved one come up the sidewalk ... I always thought it would be my parents that aged ... not me ...

  6. Beautiful post, Roxie. Love the image it tells a story one can only imagine. I had the privilege of caring for my Mom the last 2 1/2 years of her life. Aging is a process of which I have become quite acquainted with.

  7. A wonderful shot Roxi it tells a million stories. Mark and I have lost both sets of parents me when I was a preteen, Mark not so long ago. But we have friends who are in a similar position to you, it is difficult exchanging roles..

  8. That photo is a prize winner! Having dealt with both of my aging parents since 2009 and now they are both are NEVER the same. It's part of the irreplaceable losses that come as we move on in the cycle of life. I am with you, girlfriend!

  9. What an amazing shot! Your story is all too common.

  10. Wonderful capture here. The feeling of the person looking out the window almost as if asking "where did the time go?" The presence of the cat symbolizing that we all hold onto to our youth as long as we can, yet often wish we had 9 lives.
    Love the story of the lady in red. Inspiring that you can define your age by just how "young" or "old" you feel and not by a number.

  11. Roxi, I am where you are as I help my mother through the aging process. I manage two households, drive her to all of her appointments and so much more. I am grateful to be able to do this for her . . . and I've been thinking about what pictures of her and our family home I might want to make before it's too late. Your picture today is just the inspiration I needed. Thank you for this thoughtful view.

  12. Agree with Donna and she is a master at telling a story, this is just so plain awesome great. Since I am in the OlD now I really appreciate someone like you who feels the way you do. You want to come and take care of me? :) The photo is just gorgeous.

  13. I love this Roxi... I am so thrilled you posted it. I was super torn this week on who to feature, so I'm choosing you too. There is something about your photo that draws me into it, and then your words. Yes, I must feature you too. Check out the Pinterest link on my LTTL page.

  14. Oh how I love this image and Im right where you are .. Its not easy and sometimes beautiful.


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