Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Finds Feb 13

Last weekend I not only hit an estate sale and came home with some goodies, but on one of our trips to 'the folks' my MIL and I checked out an antique store. I feel like I paid a premium for the egg beaters but it was worth it for the turquoise color on the handles. Found some old records, a small crock and a fabulous old spoon that made me swoon.
We are going back tomorrow and we will go hit another one. If my MIL would just let me in her cabinets or garage we wouldn't have to go shopping. LOL

I've found a new sympathy for people with eczema. At 59 and half (for the first time ever in my life) I had a horrible outbreak behind my ear and down my neck. If I had known what it was I wouldn't have scratched it so much at first. It's about been the end of me. I've had to wear my hair in a ponytail for the past three days. Not my best hairdo. But last night I finally got some relief and this morning it looks much better.
(I'll spare you the photo)

I found some free time to shoot Wednesday morning (as that seems to be my only free time lately). Let's see if I'll find some time to process next Wednesday.

I'm still finding that 'simple' has been my thing lately in the still life department. The fewer the objects the better.

I found a sweet girl with play dough from her valentines box. We made hearts.

Can you tell she loves hearts? 

I found a sweet baby sleeping on Wednesday night. He's already gained 4 lbs and he's 2 months old.
Have a blessed weekend everyone!
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  1. Glad your scratching is getting better. Simple is always good.

  2. Hope your eczema continues to improve. Oh! I do love seeing those sweet grandchildren! No wonder she loves hearts ... she's a sweetie. And you did find some treasures. Where do you put it all? That's my problem ... not enough storage. And, yes, I'm doing a lot of simple these days, too.

  3. Okay, I have a thing for wooden spoons...sigh, what a great find! And that sleeping baby, sigh! I hope you feel better soon xo

  4. You've hit on a few of the sweetest memories that I have. My youngest son LOVED play-doh and it was always his favorite way to pass the time. The sleeping baby is my favorite picture! And I would truly love to shop with you - gorgeous finds!

  5. Love the sweet image of your GD, she is just so cute and looks so pleased with her Valentine. Goodness such a sweet baby and lucky to have this to photograph in the future. I have similar egg beaters and I love them, mine has a yellow handle. Great finds.


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