Monday, February 9, 2015

Mobile Art Monday No. 6

I fell in love with the houses that Tricia Dewey created the past couple months and through a group on Face book had access to a little insight as to which apps she used. She left just enough gaps to keep me guessing and experimenting on my own work. Which is how an artist should work. Make it your own. I do like to try and replicate a style I love and I just love what she's done. Because this was such a long process, I'll give you the highlights the best I can or this post would be a mile long. Besides, I'm not sure if I could repeat this if my life depended on it.

First it was cropped, straightened upright (SKRWT) and HDR filter (Snapseed).

In Glaze App I made several versions because I wasn't sure which I'd like best. I actually used these two in my layered project in Leonardo.

These were produced in Color Sketch (also available for Android) with the Glazed versions. These were also layered with the 'original' in Leonardo with different blend modes.

At this point I saved a version to my Camera Roll and took it into Repix to start messing up the foreground and smoothing out the sky a bit. 
I also used Stackables to add a touch of texture back into the photo.

From here on I did my layering in Superimpose. I added 'circles' from a Percolator version. and windows from another photo. 
I overlaid a Google map I had taken a screen shot of and erased parts. 
Last, I saved to Camera Roll once more and opened it in Sketchclub. I scribbled on a new layer and saved it as a png file so I could manipulate it more. (Perhaps I could have done it in Sketch Club but I'm not familiar enough with it.) At one point I also overlaid a black and white sketch layer (outline) set at color burn to bring out the lines in the house a bit more (from iColorama).

I'm definitely drawn to colorful painterly images but you won't find many in any of my galleries. I find it interesting that a lot of what I'm drawn to I rarely 'produce'. This gives me something to think about… How about you?

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  1. Amazing process and results. I love the map layered in there.

  2. I love reading about your process and seeing the amazing results. I never try to create them myself, though. I tend to edit in only one app - or two, if you include Snapseed for basic adjustments first. I really should try playing with some layering!

  3. Your patiences and experimenting was rewarded with a beautiful piece of art! I have no patience for apps, though I have several. I always enjoy seeing your work and your process.

  4. Wow! This is amazing! Love that you shared your process, I love seeing all of the steps.

  5. Incredible use of apps, Roxi! and your finished image is stunning. Thanks for all the tips and for linking up to app happy!


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