Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Shadow iPhone edit

Here's a new twist on editing a shadow selfie. I started with PicFX but did most of my effects with Lenslight.
PicFX A mixture of: Black & White>Invert, add layer.

Urban>Police, Bokeh 2 Rotated once, then I added Space>Galactic for a little more purple in the sky. 

 All the other effects were added using Lenslight. I imported my photo and clicked on Effects.

I added the 4 stars, Effects>Lights>Sun Star 3 times and and Effects>Lights>Blue Spikes. 

The effects are each on their own layer so you must must choose an empty layer before adding another.

I used Effects>Lights>Glow Aurora with edits of saturation, brightness, aspect and scale to add the blue red glow in the top left.

I again added Effects>Lights>Glow Aurora as a light leak. I used two fingers to rotate and reshape it. Then clicked on Edit in the Menu. Adjusting brightness, scale, aspect and flipped it vertically. 

By this time my layers were full but I was still able to add a texture. I chose Metal 1 and saved my image. 
I felt it needed a little more bokeh, so I imported my saved image and added Bokeh Overlay 2.
(And lastly I would clone out the white spot on my leg using TouchRetouch. I just noticed it.) 

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  1. Remarkable editing, you're a master at this.

  2. What a fun edit. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Cool! Awesome edit. Thanks for sharing all of your steps :)

  4. Amazing edits as usual Roxi! Thanks so much for linking up to the party!

  5. Beautiful edits - those shadow portaits have a lovely, quiet and magical mood! Thank you for telling about the lens light - I have the app but I haven't really used it yet ... All these things it can!


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