Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Lime Shoot

In our Be Still 52 class we were to shoot citrus and in The Studio Online class, the prompt was fruit or vegetables. I've been a bit busy with taxes and 'the folks' taxes so this will do for both. (Sorry about no movie Art Monday yesterday, I will be posting it later.) I took quite a few I liked on my Canon and a few on my iPhone, but here are a few faves.
The sun was just up and coming through the kitchen window. I have an island with barely enough room to walk around let alone shoot. I placed a black matt board on a chair for the backdrop as I shot toward the north and the ones to the south just ended up with a blurry background because I was too lazy to move it.
kk_gentle preset with kk_thursday texture.

No preset, just a few tweaks.

kk_chocolate preset, with a little noise reduction.

I really liked this angle. kk_within preset.

Shooting south, kk_gentle.

I preferred all the shots to be somewhat desaturated. I think it worked good with the dark moodiness of the early morning light.

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  1. Beautiful, Roxi! The shadow of the tea bag - the tea bag itself ... and the light reflecting in the green bottle and the tea cup ... Just wonderful! Also the feeling of depth, the dark background gives ... Bunch of love from here!

  2. I'm a fan of the first one also...but they all are lovely...perhaps it's the words that grabbed me on that first one...lovely shades of green here Roxi.

  3. I love the drama of that black background! I'm finding myself more and more pulled to that approach. {Hence the photo for this month's FOL theme.}

  4. Would not have thought to desaturate the limes and greens, but I LOVE that...Love all of the images.

  5. Oh these are beautiful, and the light and tones are fabulous!!

  6. They're all beautiful and well thought out…the different angles. I particularly seem drawn to the one with the text "Truly Green Tea". The desaturation does work well with the darker look. The chocolate preset was really nice too.

  7. A lovely set of photos, I love them all. The light is beautiful !

  8. WOW! These photos look wonderful! Love the editing!

  9. Great. I especially like the last photo. I like the way my eye follows from the lime halves through the curve of the tea bag shadow around the cup to the bottle and back to the lime halves. Wonderful.

  10. Just wonderful, love the haze and the lighting is perfect.


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!