Saturday, August 2, 2014

Peony Diptych

I've found several blog posts still in draft form so I'll be playing catch up. It's supposed to be August Break, take a break from blogging. But for some reason I feel like I could post everyday. Somehow I've forgotten that this is a bit of a journal, recording what I've created or what I've been pondering. So I'm rethinking this blog and definitely plan to update it a bit so it may look different every time until I settle on something.
This is some homework for Be Still 52. I remember it involved diptych templates which I customized for my purposes. Actually I think the diptych came from the Start to Finish Class. Other than that my memory fails me. I have many dried peonies for future work.
While scrolling through Lightroom to find my edit setting I found tons of peony photos that haven't even been key worded, processed or let alone even looked at. I think the poppies had distracted me. In fact I just saw soooo many goodies there. Perhaps they will be next Friday's Find.
Edited in Lightroom using Pretty Presets Clean and Creative Workflow. A Quick Clean, Vintage Warm, Sharpening and a few other tweaks.
Here's another. I used Kim's preset Dark Day.


  1. That is how I think of my blog a journal, not good at keeping a regular one but a blog is perfect for keeping a record for what I am doing in LR and photography. So glad you are posting more. And oh my those vases, they have so much beauty on their own. You know why did oh why did I never dry flowers like this before? The peonies have a beauty even after life. Love the last one with the preset. I don't have those presets but have heard they are good, must look into them. Have a good weekend.

  2. Don't worry I am on a blogging run right now too. May is my down month, and later this month might get a little harry, but you have to run with it while you can is always my motto. Love the photos especially the one with the blue bottle.

  3. OMGoodness the PINK! And the poetic crumpling, fading beauty with your peonies. Sigh!



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