Saturday, August 2, 2014

App Happy Wednesday August 5

It's an App Happy Day with Barb over at Keeping With The Times. Check out what everyone is doing with their mobile photography this week.
I keep discovering things I don't have an answer to give. I took three photos of my blinds just seconds apart. Look how different the white balance is in each of them. I wouldn't have even done this except I wasn't happy with the first photo so I kept shooting. What perplexes me is that I didn't even move the phone between the second and third shot. Hmmmmm........

I spent a few hours at the Dallas Arboretum on Monday. It was almost too hot by noon to not get grumpy. Good thing I was by myself. I've not been there in August before, early May seems to be when we go to Dallas. It was fabulous! I finally got to see some drying hydrangeas. My Canon photos are much better. These strange arial type plants earned their way onto my camera roll. Edited in Snapseed with a vintage style which changed the blue sky to aqua, 

added a Retrolux filter...

Took the first aqua edit into Stackables for the final edit.

Keeping With The Times


  1. Now I have to find out what a Retrolux filter is. These are just beautiful!!!

  2. Love the wispy plant shot and what you did with it. And I actually really like the blinds collage- very abstract- even with the funky white balance!

  3. I adore that perspective and you are a master at it! What a fabulous image, Roxi! and thanks for playing along today!!

  4. I notice that quite often with my shots because I always tend to take 2 or 3. Love the aqua sky in the plant photo, that is a favorite :)

  5. Beautiful! Love the aqua-turquoise color.

  6. I don't have a clue as to what happened could it have been you touched the little color setting you know the one with the 3 circles of color I sometimes do that and don't know how I did it and it changes the color on my iPhone. Drives me crazy.
    Oh so love what you did with the hydrangea, well worth the heat well not quite I am sure! So good Roxie.

  7. That final one is so well done. I can see that as the cover for a hardback journal or commonplace book, with maybe a few touches of embossed silver ?

  8. Roxi these are wonderful you just HAVE to print them out...


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!