Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Finds -Grandma's Spoons

I had a wrestling match with Lightroom yesterday and am pleased to announce that I won. It just took awhile. (I believe I have a limp.) I had started a new catalog the first of 2013 but since my granddaughter was born in 2012 I decided I would export that year as a catalog from the old Lightroom and import it into the new one. I also moved everything to an external drive so I could take it to work and play in my spare time.
Everything has rocked along just fine until I decided to start deleting old Collections because the list was quite long. I was at work and noticed I had missing photos in some collections. Of course all were from 2012. This was aggravating because if I asked it to show me where it was in the library it took me to the photo. So how was it missing?
To make a long story short, I have an extra INternal drive that replaced the dvd drive so it's like an external built in. Lightroom was pointing me to folders on that drive that I had backed up there. I go home to find the same thing. It's pointing me to a folder on my hard drive. It's hard to explain but I ended up throwing all those files in the trash and redirecting Lightroom to the correct folder on the external. whew!!!! Now the kicker is that those 'older' collections aren't linked to those photos anymore.  Oh well, I probably needed to get rid of them anyway.
On to a happier note… It's time for Friday Finds at Kim's blog.
A prior lesson in Be Still class was to photograph spoons from different angles of light. My memory told me I had some of my Great grand-mother's spoons tucked away somewhere. (actually they were right under my nose neatly wrapped with a piece of 50 year old scotch tape) A perfect set of 4 and 2 other strange ones. I decided to use the odd one first, possibly a sugar spoon or perhaps it was used for jam.

I decided the others photographed better.

Another thing I found this week was this cool coffee bean sack. You'll see it used for a lot more backdrops in the future. Thanks you Viv for this idea. I've had the old bottle for a long time. It deserves to be in more photos too. I used a 2 Lil Owls texture. You can see my layers panel below.



  1. I am glad you won, but I bet it is because LR know you pack a gun! :) Love each of the spoon edits and the angles so nicely done. Every time I see a cool pitcher now I think of you, you have the best collection and now thanks to you I want more pitchers, love this one.

  2. Well, I'm ROFL about your fight with LR. I experienced a similar thing when I got a new backup drive and also moved all the photos from a small drive to a larger one. I'm not sure that I won, but the process is done and the backup is working beautifully...thank goodness. There is something really special about old spoons, especially those from a great grandmother. I love yours...such pretty details. Love the vase, texture and the old coffee bean sack!

  3. Glad you knocked out LR sometimes it just gets too big for it's boots and it needs a good talking to.....Love your sack image glad I could help lol....Have a great weekend.

  4. I think I could do with you two ladies re LR. I'm still trying to work out moving to an EHD! Love these spoons! Can you believe I got rid of a coffee sack! (before getting into props)

  5. Congratulations on your LR victory! I sure love the application but it can be a bit trying at times. Your edits are wonderful and I love your coffee sack used as a background! I have several of those and it never occurred to me to use any of them in this way. I use them to wrap delicate containers in my garden over the winter. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. When you work in Catalogs , you are a Lightroom Giant. I bow to you.

  7. Lightroom is great until you start moving things, then it gets a little tricky.

  8. Beautiful spoon images. Always love coming to visit.

  9. LOL Roxi with your LR adventures. You articulate so well the well-intentioned but often misdirected mess one can stumble into when 'tidying things up' in LR. It is hard to let another (inanimate) being take charge, eh? :)

    Love your heirlooms, esp the last spoon. And the bottle. Yes. The Bottle. It has an Audrey Hepburn feel to it. More please.


  10. Oh! My Gosh!!!! your photos. . . your edits are Sooooo amazing! I"m in LOVE!!!!!!


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