Wednesday, July 30, 2014

App Happy Wednesday July 30 Leonardo

It's been an interesting day… It's now 4 o'clock and I've spent most of it trying to figure out how to batch process photos for resizing and adding my watermark with just one click and save it to a specific place, black or white watermarks on the left or on the right. My actions are set up but when I ran the batch I got an error. Ok so I'll just have to figure out what I did wrong later and do one at a time for now.
I also worked on recovering a chair and spent my lunch at the 'gun shack' with hubby buying our first gun and getting qualified for our conceal and carry class. My score was 239 out of 250. Not bad for only having shot a pistol a couple weeks ago. (I think he scored 225, ha ha!)

Well it's App Happy Wednesday over at Barb's so this is what I've worked on this week. I'm taking Bob Weil's iphoneography course and he does a lot of composite work which is right up my Photoshop alley. I must admit it's frustrating to be doing it on an iPad when I could do this same thing faster in Photoshop. Masking can be tedious and then there's learning which program does what and remembering which one I used.
This was a several day process… one of those that you have to step back from and think awhile to see what it needs. I did all my processing in Leonardo. One thing I like about it is that it saves your 'projects' in layers and you can come back any time to work on them.
The photos I used are below.  I did prepare some of them in Snapseed before adding, for instance the door was cropped to one panel and turned to black and white.

Keeping With The Times


  1. It is so fun to see the before photos of what goes into a piece. Congrats. on the score. Does hubby know you did better than him?

  2. Oh my gosh - what a fantastic composition Roxi... I love all the various elements you photographed and combined - very inspiring! Thanks so much for linking up today!

  3. I've been seeing Leonardo mentioned a lot in certain IG circles...what do you honestly think? How is it different or better or (easier?) than iColorama? Inquiring minds want to know!!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, btw, I am adding a blurb at the top of the embedded storehouse video to help straighten things up. I was thinking that embedding it would not link back to the website but rather run the "story" on my blog. Yuck! I didn't like the way it worked out!

  4. Love this! Haven't got round to Leonardo yet. My head is going to burst!

    What a tutorial!
    I would never have put all these textures together, and your seeing eye has done you a great service here, because they meld beautifully. Loved seeing this in the lightbox.

  6. Such a great piece Roxi, I am taking that class but haven't gotten this far and oh my I not sure i will master this app. It is confusing to me and afraid I will lose my patience on the iPad. I hate batching and wish I knew more about it, I seem to mess up each time I do it so I just do one at a time. About the gun, good for you but I am scared of guns and I have no comment other than good for you. :)

  7. This is a whole new world to me as I'm only familiar with basic apps like snap seed. So cool to see what you're doing! I had no idea.

  8. Great photo, Roxi. The class looks very interesting and after my today photo, I see I must step up the pace. Great work. Did you get your own gun?

  9. Fantastic composite photo...and I love seeing all the photos that went into it. I am taking the class too but have barely started(but looking forward to it!).
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and viewing my primitive attempts at digital processing!!

  10. Fantastic Roxi, I have a iPad mini and it's even more frustrating editing on it so I passed on the course...


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