Wednesday, May 21, 2014

App Happy May 21

I have the honor of being 'The Whole Story' feature today with Geri Centonze at Art of Mob, a website about mobile photography. Check it out here. She has a lot of great tutorials and features. One of my faves is Painterly Mobile Mondays….great stuff. If you want to check out the 'whole' whole story, I had posted about it here.

I'm linking up with Barb today for App Happy Wednesday
A rather grungy edit in DistressedFX. (I had promised someone a tutorial this week…. maybe next?)

App Happy wouldn't be complete without a Waterlouge edit! Rhonna Designs text and swirl.

A Snapseed peony.

Another in Snapseed. This is my first 'go to' app for a good clean edit. Sometimes it never makes it to another. I love the old world painterly look of this. I may take it into Tangled and play a bit after watching one of Geri's tutorials.
I took a peony break and posted a couple selfies on Instagram last night. You can see them if you click on the link in the side bar. Quite strange but fun!
Keeping With The Times


  1. I have an Android phone and never (almost never) use the camera. I will have to explore it and the apps for the Android. These are beautiful images. There is something about spring that invites flower photography, doesn't it? I'm visiting from Barb's Keeping up with the Times today!

  2. Roxi - what lovely images! Love all your edits and I'll definitely be checking out Geri's tuts as I JUST got a new phone (more about that on my blog) and not quite understanding all these apps. LOL
    (visiting from app Happy Wednesday)

  3. Congrats Roxi richly deserved and I think Snapseed is just the best love the peony on the wood fantastic...

  4. Well done on the 'feature'! And these photos are great! Loved your words about Snapseed as I'm just getting into it. For some reason it didn't click with me until recently so I appreciate the 'tips'!

  5. I LOVE Distressedfx.. I just downloaded it not long ago and I am hooked. LOVING all your photos here.

  6. Oh,man ... do I love that last shot of the peony - stunning work!


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