Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Finds May 23

I found the most gorgeous (sofa-type) table this week. But alas, I can't find an excuse to buy it. It won't fit anywhere but on my patio (where I really want it). But I know hubby would have a fit because now the chairs I just bought would loose their spot. What's a girl to do? I looked around at work and there may be a spot.... Or I could replace the sofa table in the living room with this one. It doesn't match anything in there, that's for sure. It's grey weathered wood. Just perfect for shooting still life on. I need to look harder at that patio arrangement....
In the mean time the poppies have spring forth from the garden! They volunteered among the volunteer daisies. Love the combination for a little lensbaby shoot.

Daisies seem to be great subjects for the lenbaby.

And this is my to die for orange coneflower. I still haven't got it in the ground and now that it's finally raining it may be a few more days.
Since this has turned into a lens baby post… here's a few more. Macro attached.

Have a great holiday weekend! We will be rejoicing in the rain. If it keeps up it will break this 3 year drought.
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  1. Love your lens baby shots, you can have as much rain as you like from us it's pouring....

  2. lovely as poppies or daisies here yet...but my irises are up...

  3. Oh, you and that Lensbaby are a perfect combination! Love every one of these shots, especially the peonies (of course!) I sympathize about the table. If I bought everything that I wanted to use as a prop, there would be no room in the house for anything else!

  4. Awesome Awesome Awesome Lensbaby love each and every one.

  5. Beautiful lens baby photos and we have rain to share from here also. I swear I could see the plants growing right before my eyes.
    Good luck on finding the room for the table, sounds like it is a done deal already! Can you just sneak it in somewhere? LOL.

  6. Oh I love volunteering plants and how the intermingle and bring a "country garden" look! Love the red and whites together. Love your lens baby shots!! The table needs to find a home....I hope you are able to work it out. It sounds like the perfect piece.

  7. I adore poppies especially when they are volunteers. Great lensbaby shots!

  8. Sounds like the decorating domino affect might me in your future. One brown leather couch purchase this winter has led to a living room and kitchen color scheme re-do. I will be happy when it is done, but I do love new paint on the walls.

  9. The poppies and daisies together reminds me of a bouquet my mom had on her table the other summer - feeling the sun on my face, and hear the buzzing bees ... Yes, summer will arrive here as well! I'm enjoying your garden - keep on taking these beautiful pictures!


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