Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hubby's Dream

He had a dream this week.
I love it when his dreams give him revelation for my benefit. I should say it helps us both.
Let it be told in his words.
"We were in a car that hit a huge bump. We flew into the air and came nose down into a lake. I pulled you out of the car and when we reached the surface, I realized part of you was still down there. So I went back to get your other part and realized it was the adventure/explorer part. I had a hard time convincing you to come with me and said soon they would be coming to pull the car out. You said, 'But that would be an adventure!' I finally convinced you to come. Then I felt bad that I made you leave."
I was laughing histarically, but also realized this was a message to him (and me). All I said was, "Remember this the next time I need to present my case."
There is a part of me that loves and longs for adventure. The other part is fearful and plays it safe.
I took this photo downtown last Saturday night. I was across the street from a tatoo parlor and by myself. No one was in sight the whole 3 minutes I spent there. I grabbed a few shots with my phone and my Canon and got out of there as fast as I could because I could hear yelling about a block away. The added girl was from an art gallery shot just a few blocks from there. Could just as well be me. The explore word art is from Rhonna Designs app. This may be as close to art journalling as I get.
Apps used: Andiftouch, Snapseed, StrutType, Image Blender, iColorama, RhonnaDesigns.


  1. I totally agree with the love/need to explore, but also the fearful play it safe mentality. Hopefully the fear will be less and less the more we step out and seek adventure :)

  2. Love that dream story Roxi, your iphone art is incredible. You can really tell you are having a good time with your art.

  3. what a beautiful image. love your art

  4. like you and Sarah i so want to get out there and explore but my lack of confidence and fear hold me back.. A great piece I love it...

  5. OMG my husband has dreams like that too! Love the photogragh. I am envious of your editing skills.

  6. How'd I miss this one? I love the lines and the hand drawn look about it. I love a good adventure too and travel alone most of the time so I know what you mean about getting out of places we maybe shouldn't be around when we're alone!

  7. Fascinating dream and art, Roxi! I am more apt to play it safe, sadly I'm a complete chicken ...


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