Friday, August 16, 2013

Sunflower Finds August 16

I've found you just can't take too many sunflower photos. And you can't have too many Lightroom presets. (well maybe you can, I'm getting close.)
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My own preset. Jamal Texture by Kim
My own preset.
 Lightroom Preset, Adobe Lightroom Presets Sally Mann #1
  Lightroom Preset, Adobe Lightroom Presets The Baby Collection #9 without the border.
Lightroom Preset, Adobe Lightroom Presets Sally Mann #3
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5 Facts about Sunflowers:
1. They grow in the ditch around here among the beer cans.
2. They can be seen with the wheat if you can even find a wheat field these days.
3. They love to hang out with the food.
4. They'll stay up all night to have a photograph taken with the full moon.
5. They are happy to share the limelight with other photographs.
Good grief, I have 638 photos in Lightroom tagged 'sunflowers'. I wonder if I may have missed any.

Have a fabulous and sunny weekend!


  1. I love all your sunflower shots, and works of art!

  2. Beautiful photos !

  3. 638!? Wow girl, you love your sunflowers. Gorgeous shots. I love the colors of the one with the wheat.

  4. I'm right there with you, Sarah ... I love sunflowers! And you are doing some terrific things with your photos.

  5. Love the full moon shot....638 pictures of sunflowers? I have a bunch, but nothing like that! Yours are beautiful!!

  6. Roxi,
    Your sunflower shots are awesome. You need to visit western South Dakota or North Dakota and see an almost endless sea of sunflower fields. The flowers are starting to head and the fields are a bright vibrant yellow.

    Ranch Wife Robyn

  7. Love post, so cute. I must say - that last B&W image is stunning!

  8. Hi Roxi. Lovely sunflower images! I love them to pieces. And they always seem to be such grateful flowers, don't they, growing where ever they have a bit of land. :)

  9. You can never have enough sunflower pictures lol..... Great processing....

  10. Your photo story made me happy! Thank you for sharing.

  11. The many lives of the sunflower -- so creative and lovely!

  12. I am really warming up to the sunflower thanks to you. I continue to enjoy your assorted images...and now five (new) factoids!

    You are blessed with wit and elegance. :)



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