Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Painterly Photos

I have quite the blast turning some of my iphone pics into painterly photos lately. The above, one of my favorites, was featured by Geri over at iArtchronicles last week. She has a group on Flickr called Painterly Mobile Art. Check out her blog and website here. You can find my Flickr gallery here.
I promised a tutorial and it is in the works.
In the mean time, here is another to wet your appetite.
Photoviva, definetly a painting app. A bit of a learning curve but if you can find an online tutorial that will help. I apparently watched one of an earlier version because the icons were quite different and hard to follow along.
Done with Distressedfx, Repix, iColorama, and Image Blender. 
I intend to try out an app called Layrs but keep forgetting. Perhaps tonight.
I invested in a new stylus that has a brush at one end. is fabulous!


  1. This is really wonderful! I am intrigued and amazed and want to follow you on your amazing journey but time is tight. What's your experience of the Sensu? I've never heard of a stylus with a brush tip. I read a few amazon reviews. Good grief...I've had a Bamboo for my desktop for almost 2 yrs now and hardly ever use it. What the heck am I thinking?! The touchpad experience is different contact with the 'canvas.'


  2. WHOA...I so love all of these! I think my Bamboo will be my next challenge I undertake. You are so talented!


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!