Thursday, April 3, 2014

Friday Finds and Random Five April 4

This week I was excited to find Pussy Willows at the grocery store! Every year I want to buy some and never do. Not this time. They don't grow anywhere near here. I do remember having some around growing up but it might be that my mom purchased them also. I never saw any as I explored the countryside as a child. I had such fun photographing these.

Dip-tic template by Kim Klassen from our Sart2Finish Class, Lesson Eight. 
I altered it to make the top trip-tic.
All shots with my 100mm, except the far right on the top group was with my 50.

This photo contains a Random To Do list from Wednesday of this week.

  1. Print a photo for the Gallery Exhibit for the local Arts Festival.
  2. Plant my purple potatoes that are growing without dirt.
  3. Make tuna salad.
  4. Change the registration on my car windshield. (Yes, that's a razor blade.)
  5. Plant some poppy seeds at work.
How many got crossed off? Three. Those are good odds since there was a lot more on the written list.
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Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!
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  1. I loved finding pussy willows when I was a kid, and yes, I need to finish a project too, but am surfing the web!

  2. I love pussy willows! Now I'll have to go hunt for some.

  3. Oh I love pussy willows. None at Trader's tonight, so I'll really enjoy yours, and so many great poses by them! Enjoy your tuna salad! Haha on the purple potato!

  4. pussy willows are one of my favorites...yours are wonderful...

  5. Fabulous shots of those pussywillows, Roxi!

  6. Great shots I so love Pussy Willow and it is so photogenic way to go with your to do list. have a great weekend x

  7. gasp.... love your images... love your layouts... love pussy willows.... BEAUTIFUL, my friend.....have a wonderful weekend... xo

  8. Oh my goodness, those pussy willow shots are fantastic! I love the detail in that last photo of them! Makes me want to reach out and touch them.
    Visiting from Friday Finds.

  9. Lovely pussy willows and good for you, three things off your list :)

  10. My mom let me plant a pushy willow bush in the back yard when I was rather young. I always looked forward to bringing in some of the branches. You photos are beautiful! And you have inspired me to get some thing crossed off my list.

  11. The willow branches and blossoms I love - they look like sculpture and your pictures capture the curving branches and soft feathery blossoms. Your To-Do List made me smile. Nice to see someone else is busy with the day-to-day of life!

  12. Love your pictures so much, your soft vintage style!

  13. oh the pussy willows are beautiful. You have inspired me to pick some up next time I'm at the market.

  14. We used to have pussy willow when I was a child. I didn't remember this until I read your post. Thank you for this trip down memory lane!


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