Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Walk

Yesterday's post was about how my iPhone just can't hold a candle to my Canon when it comes to the light. (Weekend Walk, iPhone Version) I love the iPhone for creativity and artsiness and sometimes it's just faster and I can do things sitting on the sofa or anywhere. Just saying… But my 'big girl camera'?… whoa! It just doesn't compare. I remember talking myself out of buying one for nearly two years because I just didn't want the complication and disastrous effects of changing lenses. Now I can laugh at that one.

I hooked my Black Rapid Strap and my long 24-300 lens to my Canon and headed out with Oscar for his evening walk.
Hubby stopped to talk to one of our employees who was installing a sprinkler down the street at the neighbor's. The glare bothered me as I looked through the viewfinder. Now that's some true haze! However, I really like how it looks on screen don't you?

These chickens moved in last fall and recently they've been coming close to the fence. Strangers must be feeding them because they have always been scared before. They actually come running now. I'll have to start taking seeds with me. I have enough shots of this guy that I think I'll try to make an animated gif.

The 'Unfriendly Neighbor' left his back gate open and Oscar decided that was an invitation. This neighbor is also new and so is this fence he's put around his fruit trees. Makes it hard to photograph them. But since the gate was open……. I was able to take one step in and get these next few shots. (Oscar was lightly scolded.)

I shot this perpendicular to the light. I'm not sure how the bokeh became streaked. Perhaps from the sun rays. Surely my lens isn't that dirty! If anyone knows, do tell.

It's funny the things you notice when the light is just right.

A robin waited on high I crept closer. They are getting quite thick around here. Currently we have Threshers, Mockingbirds, Red-winged Black Birds, Blue Jays and Red House Finches.

A lone donkey made this path. He is a story of his own. More about him and his space in the future.

The Friendly Neighbor's peach tree. This guy is very personable. I'll give him a 10 on the friendly scale. This was the only shot that pleaded for a texture. Another neighbor has the lovely Redbud tree below. I just realized I need to get my Lensbaby out to shoot these flowers. My gosh, I've waited all winter for this! Now I need to reacquaint myself with it.
Textured with kk_waterfront20 softlight 100,  kk_waterfront7 multiply 100.
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  1. I loved your walk Roxi, magic in the light for sure, just gorgeous

  2. What a lovely walk through your neighborhood!! So nice to see the flowering trees there, and the golden sunlight. I can tell it is a "west" sunshine. Ours isn't that warm yet.

  3. The streaked bokeh looks really nice, I think. What a lovely effect.

  4. I loved the walk around your neighborhood! Can't wait to hear more about the donkey's story.

  5. So nice to invite us on your walk! Lovely images (I love the robin image!).

  6. Wow, Roxi! You sure captured the light. Exquisitely, too, I might add.

  7. Lovely photos ! I had to laugh at your comment about not getting a big camera because of changing lenses, I thought the same thing....what were we thinking ? !! I'm intrigued by the path made by the lone donkey....

  8. Goodness these are awesome photos. Can't wait until I have that beautiful light and something besides dead and brown.

  9. Great photos, great walk. I really like the rough tree.

  10. Thanks for sharing your walk I want to know about the donkey ?

  11. Wonderful photos of your walk through the neighborhood. It's good be out and about after this tough winter!


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