Sunday, March 30, 2014

Evening Walk

We walk the dog every night rain or shine. At least hubby does. I'm a fair weather walker and like to go closer to sunset for the photo pops. It was an especially pretty night with no wind, a rare treat. I had intended to post my iPhone photos since they were already processed but I just loaded and looked at the ones I shot with my 24-300 lens and oh my.  The light just can't be captured like that on a phone. At least I don't know the trick. I did get one cool light shot with the phone but now it pales in comparison. So I'll go process those and link up with Helen's Weekend Walks hopefully by tomorrow. But for now you're stuck with the iPhone pics. The story will come tomorrow too.

 DistressFX, iColorama


  1. Glorious light. Can't wait for the others too. This is why both cameras are essential.

  2. Gorgeous love the truck, and that light got to love iPhone apps ....


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