Friday, March 28, 2014

Come Here Mr. Cardinal

As we came home one night this week my Friday Finds was flying around in the front yard. For the first time EVER I saw 2 cardinals in our yard! I was yelling "red birds, red birds!" as hubby stopped at the end of our driveway so he wouldn't scare them away (he is so good to cooperate with out asking). I snuck into the garage and peaked out the window to see where they were.
I was able to grab only one photo that his beak wasn't too far behind the branch. Then he flew off to catch up with his buddy. Probably looking for girls. I was excited beyond measure.

Only once before had I been closer to a cardinal and that was last year about this time when we were in Corpus Christi. I was in 'birding' heaven. I felt a little out of place with a camera when everyone else in the park was sporting binoculars. The next two shots are from there.

I think the females are very striking in their own way.
It's a shame I haven't ever processed the photos from this trip. (except for a bunch on my iPhone and iPad.) They are keyword-ed however. I think I got side-tracked by a grand-daughter's first birthday and processing a million shots. I AM getting better about deleting so so photos these days! (Or so she thinks.)
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Have an awesome weekend filled with signs of Spring!

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  1. SWEET post! Have a good weekend ( :

  2. I love Cardinals. We see a lot in our yard but I've never been fortunate enough to 'catch' one. I think the females are pretty, too.

  3. When you figure out how to delete those so-so photos, please let me know! I can totally understand being sidetracked by grandbabykin photos....of any sort. We do have cardinals in our yard and I look forward to hearing their mating call in about a month. They're so much fun to watch at the feeders.
    Visiting from Friday Finds.

  4. Great capture I have yet to achieve a 'good' bird shot.

  5. Oh, it is so good to see someone else get so excited about having a cardinal or two in their yard! Even better that one stayed long enough for you to get your camera and a shot!

  6. Lovely shots of beautiful cardinals. I'm lucky enough to have a lot of them in our yard, the numbers have increased each year it seems, going by the amount of sunflower seeds we have to buy :) I hope you see them again ..

  7. I didn't realize cardinals were so rare down there. They are a joy to see in the winter here, that bright splash of red against all the white.

  8. Fab shots. We have cardinals all the time in our yard - when you see one the mate is always close by. I'm never quick enough to get a shot though. Great find.

  9. Great capture! Cardinals don't hang out where I live, I wish they did because they are such beautiful birds! Thank you for visiting my blog!


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