Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Arts Festival 2014

Last year I had a photograph excepted into the juried gallery of the local Arts Festival. It was taken with my Canon from a speeding car going down Highway 64 in New Mexico. Just for fun I had edited it in Snapseed on my iPad and it turned out rather artsy for a photograph.
This year I decided to be brave and enter a few pieces of my iPhone art (taken with phone, edited on iPad) into the juried gallery. (You know most photographers would turn their nose up at camera photos.) However, most of them looked more like paintings rather than photos except for the one that was accepted. What I found interesting was my reaction to this particular photo getting into the show. 
My thoughts were..... 
I can't believe they picked this one. 
It figures they would pick the weirdest one. 
I can't believe they didn't pick the one with the red flowers. 
Even as I delivered it today I said to the lady at the desk,"I was surprised they picked this one". While the words were coming out if my mouth I'm thinking "Well, why did you enter it then?" She shared the fact that the lady before me said the same thing about her piece. (Hmmmm, this show could be interesting.)
One thing I've contemplated this week as I prepared this for print was...... "Is this the type of art I want to be known for?" Since I happen to have a few 'styles' right now I guess it doesn't matter. 
I made it.  
I liked it. 
I still like it. 
I suppose I wouldn't have entered it if I didn't. 
Perhaps this is a beginning of focusing in on what is really me. Oh, but I like so many things. How can I deny myself such pleasure in variety?
Again I wonder, is this the type of art I want to be known for? Like anyone viewing the exhibit is even going to remember.   (smile)

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  1. Hi Roxi, i think this beautiful picture shows very much of your stile !

  2. Beautiful piece. Very striking. I hate the thought of being pinned down by a style. That means I have stopped trying new things. I read something recently that said creative people are easily bored, isn't that the truth, I use that to justify my ADD :)

    1. Now I know my problem! I do get easily bored and now I have the perfect excuse for everything! Ha,ha

  3. rejoice in your diversity! and who might even sell your piece!

  4. I just wrote out a big comment and my computer had and update and shut me down, not a good waty to start the day, grrr. Anyway, I love your art piece and I completely understand your feelings. It is hard to understand what people see in your work but I think you have figured out the right attitude toward it. It was picked and they liked it and it was yours so be it was it your favorite no but it was yours. It is a complex piece and to me it is different than what I see as most of your work but oh so very nice. You are such a true artist with that iphone and camera of yours and should be so very proud of yourself. Enjoy your ride. Not what I said in my first long post but better post before something else happens. :)

  5. Absolutely wonderful, Roxi!! Congratulations! You are an artist with diverse talents - well done! I love this image btw!

  6. Many many congratulations it is well deserved I think art in all it's connotations is so subjective. And I love the freedom that the image suggests it is beautiful..

  7. Yes Roxi, these are the dunes in Monahans state park, I have bee there three weeks ago while I visited my son in Lubbock.

  8. i like it a lot but i love your diversity!

  9. I tend to agree with's good to have a specific style but wonderful to change it up some, like you did here! Think about those poor groups like The Temptations who can only make money by performing their "oldies." Growth is integral for keeping things fresh!

  10. That tunnel is awesome. Great to come visit.


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