Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Finds 4–11

Who goes on vacation and buys herself a frying pan? Well, yes I did. And a mighty fine one at that! Guaranteed to not warp. We'll see. I will bring it back if it does. 
My best find on this trip to the Hillcountry so far was this lovely lavender. It was on display but I need to find some I can buy. We went to the Herb Farm yesterday. Unfortunately there was none to purchase. Maybe the Wild Seed Farm will have some today. Linking up with Kim for Friday Finds. (Since I'm on my iPad using blogger I don't know how to make a link to her site. But most of you know how to get there.)


  1. Oh, yes! Fresh bunch of lavender is so pretty! Hope you find some to buy. Yep, I too love a good frying pan.

  2. I love lavender. It is so pretty when it is in bloom all around my back deck. I hope you find some to bring home.


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