Thursday, December 5, 2013

Choose with No Regret

I've wanted to do the PhotoHeart Connection for awhile and seem to always miss it.
This past month my heart has ached for Fall. Where I live it doesn't show up until November and this year we had an early snow and freezing temps to mess things up. A lot of my usual places didn't look good at all. That forced me to search out new territory. 
Somehow my expectations must have been set too high. Perhaps I should revisit last years photos. Maybe they're not as good as I remember. 
All this pining for Fall has affected my lack of moving into the Christmas decorating mode. 
But I've decided I'm just going to dwell where my heart is, and I'll get there (to Christmas) eventually. I found this photo I had posted on Instagram that voices it perfectly. 
With no regret.
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Linking up with Kat for the Photo Heart Connection.


  1. Good advice, Roxi and beautiful image.

  2. Loveliness! Your fall is so short you deserve to dwell there for a while yet.

  3. Yes Roxi, I get the fact that fall comes so late. We have some trees in the area that are just now looking so beautiful, and I'm supposed to be putting up Christmas trees and garland. Wonderful photo heart connection and great message...."Choose with no regret", I like that!

  4. Fall color can vary lot, depending upon the weather. There have been years when I've been disappointed that it didn't measure up to my expectations - though here in Maine the disappointment is usually that summer was too brief! Enjoy the fall you have while you have it - Christmas will happen when it should and you'll get in the mood. And there's nothing wrong with revisiting your archives! "Choose with no regret" is a great message.


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!