Friday, December 6, 2013

Around Town, Fall 2013

Linking up with Kim for Friday Finds.
I had to find 'new' areas of town to get Fall photos this year. (Except for the usual 'bank' photos)
In both Spring and Fall I take the south road as I exit the bank drive thru to cruise the neighborhood. The Badford Pear trees are simply gorgeous. This year the colors ranged from yellow, orange, to red and sometimes purple.

But most of my usual areas were hard hit by an early freeze.
My friend Kathy, wanted to drive through her old neighborhood which she claimed was gorgeous in the fall. She didn't need to twist my arm!
We have very few Silver Maples here. It's the pale one with the white branches.
An incredibly gorgeous Chinese Pistache took my breath away. I haven't figured out why mine doesn't look like this one.

I wish I knew what this small orange bush was. I should have just taken a stroll down the path. 
A few more spots around town.
 The alley behind the bank. Yes I stopped way back at the stop light. (Shot from the car) Fortunately no one was coming behind me. I'll bet you money no one else in town took this photo! And why in the world is there a pedestrian crossing sign there?

My last stop of the day was to take my friend home. Her yard is lovely!

She loves to photograph humming birds and she has the perfect plants to attract them.

Even the Autumn Joy was photo worthy.
Yes, I'm still having a hard time giving up Fall. I think maybe one more post of my Instagram pics will suffice but who knows.
I hope you are staying bundled up with this northern that's about to blow through!
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  1. So beautiful Roxi, just gorgeous, fall is just so awesome.

  2. Wow what a beautiful collection Autumn is just going on although we are technically in winter. have a great weekend.

  3. Every time I scrolled, I oohed and aaahed...we are just now really getting some pops of color and this weather is probably going to ruin it all! The feel like temp down here on the gulf is 33, yes it's cold today. I was hoping to get to Dickens on the Strand in Galveston tomorrow, but with the rain and cold forecast, I'm wondering if there will be anyone there.

  4. What marvelous fall colors, Roxi! No wonder you're not quite ready to turn the page to Christmas. Since our fall has departed, Christmas was an easy transition.

  5. That pedestrian sign cracks me up, especially when the cars are only going 5 mph. That metal flower piece in your friend's yard is awesome.

  6. I can see why you are still holding tight to fall imagery. We are in the midst of a deep freeze here and blanketed by now-frozen snow, so this is a nice place to visit!



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