Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Finds Oct 4

Another road trip to Amarillo this past Monday. This time early enough to find some awesome morning light. Good thing hubby was driving this time so I could snap away. 
Hope you won't be too bored. Most people hate this 2 hour drive across the FLAT plains. But I think the theme of the month is 'seeing', so this is what I see.
All photos are SOOC (straight out of camera) except one. I was intrigued that I was able to capture some that looked good enough not to touch up at all. I didn't even crop them so don't be too critical. Shutter speed at 500 or 750 for the morning shots.

 Rarely do I catch an interesting animal shot speeding down the highway.
I love prairie grass. Nearly as much as I love sunflowers. Especially when the light shines through it.
 A random flag.

 Did a little adjusting on this one with the old truck.

 Did I mention I love prairie grass? Especially the white gold this time of year. The only thing that could have made it better would be a stormy dark blue sky.
 I was glad TXDOT hadn't mowed yet.
On the way home the evening light was good to me. I stayed in Amarillo far longer than was planned and I was glad.
 I drove by myself, so I stopped whenever I felt like it. Even on the interstate.

As I passed by this I slammed on my brakes and looked around. No one was coming up the access road so I put it in reverse and backed on down the road so I was straight East of the 'pond'.
 Sometimes I feel very brave. Even the mosquitoes didn't threaten me much although they could have carried me away.
I love to shoot:
Trees (mostly dead ones)
Old structures
Old vehicles
The really best part was cruising the antique shops on Route 66 with my friend Barbara. We found some cool stuff!
Three link ups today.


  1. Love this set! I enjoy taking pictures out of a vehicle. It's always fun to see what I captured...sometimes just blur, sometimes a keeper! You have a lot of gorgeous keepers with gorgeous light!!

  2. Finding cool stuff with a friend and capturing incredible images priceless. Love your photos. B

  3. Get your kicks on route 66! Thanks so much for giving me a window seat on this trip!

  4. I haven't driven through Texas since I was a kid, but this is exactly how I remember it! Oh, and my sister had glasses like that back in the day. They're real cute on you two in a retro sort of way. I think they gave her a complex as a child though


  5. Those glasses are adorable! You got some really great shots. I love Prairie Grass too. Have you ever been to the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in Kansas? That is one my bucket list, but I don't think Glen will find it very exciting, there aren't any mountains to climb, LOL!

  6. I never tire of seeing the plains and grasses, it has such a beauty. Where I live our scenery is the complete opposite. Those glasses are fab...

  7. These are fabulous, and even more so considering you were whizzing down the road taking them. I really love this set. Visiting from Friday Finds and Random Five Friday.

  8. i love your glasses - what a great reason to cruise route 66 ... now wonder why i never saw those when we were on that route? enjoy! ( :

  9. I love the glasses! And your photos are gorgeous -- thank you for sharing!

  10. Well, Roxi, I'll have to admit ... I never dreamed the road to Amarillo could be so pretty! Lovely photos, so glad you shared them.

  11. You know, I love to photograph out the window when we are on our way somewhere. And trees are one of my favorites too...The light in these is so pretty!

  12. Some really great shots here...I really loved some of the prairie grass ones.

  13. What fun! Loved all the images.

  14. I never get up early enough to catch the morning light with my camera - I really must make the effort one day soon. Love the grass and the light. I can just imagine you screeching to a halt when you see that shot you want!


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