Friday, September 13, 2013

Driving to Work

Linking up with Helen for Weekend Walk.
Mine is my daily drive however. The view has changed this month and I'm shocked there haven't been a ton of wrecks. Because the sea of yellow is quite distracting.
If you follow me you may remember a few weeks back I made hubby drive me to the boonies looking for sunflower fields. Well, there are 4 within 1 mile of my house. They were unrecognizable because they were planted late. This is usually cotton country for the most part.
This field is now in full bloom but when I caught these pics, they were just opening.

Now what's sad is the worms had moved in before the farmer knew it and were already reeking havoc every where. It gave me the creeps just to maneuver through.

But one was happy!
I'm happy to report we saw someone out spraying this week.
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  1. What a great drive. I love cheerful sunflowers but I've only ever seen them in fields like this over in France. Thanks for linking up on my blog!

  2. I just realized for the first time that there IS a down side to my short (5 minutes) drive to work. Your sunflowers are 'growing on me!' LOL



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