Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Texture Tuesday Autumn 9-17

Yippie! We grew pumpkins this year. I've picked a few, but a lot are just not ready. The tiny ones are though and I love them most.
Linking up with Kim today over at the Cafe.
And Nancy at Tuesday Muse.
Textures, kk_salut Overlay 100%, kk_postale Softlight 48%.
One of my Script Overlays Linear Burn 34%.
Font, AquilineTwo.
The from the top shot was taken on the iPhone and processed in Snapseed.


  1. I totally adore that second shot - great composition and texture work!

  2. I love that you grew your pumpkins!! I love to watch them grow and then slowly turn that wonderful color of orange! Beautiful and magical photos!
    Visiting from A Rural Journal-
    Warm Hugs,

  3. I had one good pumpkin year a while back -- I need to do that again! These are so cute. :)

  4. Both of these are adorable!! Love the rich grunge look you've added, plus the font and color on the top one is just right! Such a nice variety of colors!

  5. How fun to grow your own pumpkins, I understand they are pretty easy to grow although I have not ever tried. I love both versions and the texture work is wonderful

  6. This is so pretty Roxi...it jumped right out of the Texture Tuesday link...nicely done.

  7. Roxi,
    Think there is just something fun about pumpkins! Big, little, mini, round, oblong, stripped ... fun.

    Pumpkin is also a delicious flavor!

    Great job on your picture edits. I like the rustic look of the old chair in the second picture.

  8. Growing your own pumpkins, wow I am impressed. How wonderful to be able to go out in the pumpkin patch and take pictures.....

    I love the edit on both of these shots....I find it amazing what you can accomplish with snap seed....

  9. Your shots and edits are sooooo beautiful ,both versions let me jump right into autumn feelings.

  10. Lovely I particularly love the top one, I so love Autumn colours...

  11. I love these. First I absolutely love pumpkins and second your processing is fantastic!!

  12. Perfect autumnal capture. Can I ask which font did you used ? My pumpkin seeds are still on my counter :(

  13. Beautiful...perfect...texturing and processing is wonderful! I'm pea green with envy!


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