Friday, September 13, 2013

Photoshop Tutorial -Overlays

Linking up with Kim at Friday Finds and Nancy with Random 5 on Friday.

1. I actually had a pumpkin patch this year and got to start picking this week. It was thrilling if I do say so.
2. I've had the blahs all week, and by Thursday realized my poor body was run down and trying to fight off everything.
3. Texas Tech beat TCU last night. The guy behind me got a text saying his buddy just saw him on TV. Did you see me? I'm sure you weren't watching. I was there under duress. I took a batter booster for my phone and thought I was all set but then realized I forgot the adapter. Actually had to watch the 4th quarter.
4. We are finally getting some cooler nights and mornings. How refreshing.
5. I did it. I finally made a video tutorial and published it. First I put it on Vimeo. Then I decided to publish it to Youtube for more exposure and hopefully sales. I'm not impressed with the way they un-cropped it. So, which do I embed on my post? I'll try the Youtube, but put the link to the Vimeo one too.
I also have a new set of textures in the shop, on sale, and if you happened to read a much earlier post you might remember that my blog readers get an additional 50% off with this coupon code. BlogBuddies. (good through the end of the year)
Photo Textures 3
Vimeo link
I'm no Kim K, but ESS blog needs a few tutes.


  1. Roxi that is a great tutorial! Love the script added to the frame - great idea!

  2. Good for you Roxi on so many things on your veg growing and on your tutorial. Very professional.

  3. I wish you all the best with your textures Roxi -- your tutorial is very nicely done and please don't compare yourself to anyone... you are as unique as each of those beautiful gourds you collected from your garden. xo

    Thanks for sharing at R5F this week.

  4. Woo-hoo! Pumpkins!!!
    I love Fall.

    Nice tutorial ...

  5. GREAT tutorial, Roxi! and great little pumpkin patch too!

  6. Love the pumpkins -and thanks for the the tutorial. ;)

  7. I'm going to bookmark your tutorial because I really want to look at it, when I have time {and am not too tired} to absorb it. Congratulations!

  8. Great tutorial Roxi! You provided just enough new info/skills and paced yourself nicely so I could follow. I think I need your texture set...and some elegantly grungy fragments and corners.


  9. Awesome tutorial Roxi! I have to say I'm still so impressed that you remember how to do all those cool steps. I can't seem to remember what to do when I sit down to do something fun to a photo. I'll have to bookmark your tutorial so I can have it as a reminder. Thx!


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