Friday, September 27, 2013


I've been thinking long and hard about how I've not scrapbooked this year at all. I think I've made 2 pages. (besides the two I made this week)
It's time to figure out a direction. 
I've felt torn a lot.
Hadn't even used Photoshop as much since I fell head over heals in love with iPad apps. I now have 4 folders of them. A different one for 'cameras' and a different one for 'font type' apps. I should really weed a few out. The last trip I took to Amarillo I even left my big girl camera home (Gasp! I heard you.) Yes, and I got great pics to play with.
I would never give up my 'big girl' camera though.
Besides all that, I've been collecting mixed media art junk. What ever am I thinking!?!
One of my goals is to have an iPhone art show in this town. There, I said it. Now to outline a few steps to get there.
Instead of scraping a few things off my plate, I seem to keep adding. And they are all really good deserts. Maybe that's the problem. To many sweets, not enough meat.
The butterflies are migrating through so I've been on the look out. Here's who found their way to my zinnia's for a refreshing beverage. Some a bit tattered, such is life.
The black swallowtail put on a good show for me. I loved catching the little guys in flight.
I also found some mushrooms begging for attention.
And my zinnias are looking the best they have all summer. The butterflies seem to like them more than anything else. 
Linking up with Kim at Friday Finds and Nancy at Random Five Friday.
My random five:
Black Swallowtail
Clouded Sulfur
Fiery Skipper
Gulf Fritillary & Variegated Fritillary
Common Buckeye
Still hoping to spot some monarchs.
Hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. I love that you have said your intention out loud. You can do the iPhone art show, I know it. I think everything has it's season. I used my iPhone a ton this summer, but now since I started the 365 project I am really happy having my Canon out again. Beautiful butterflies! We took out our butterfly bushes this spring so we could plant a small garden. I do miss seeing them.

  2. Roxi so beautiful . You had a stellar week with photos.

  3. Oooh, eye all these butterflies. My zinnias flopped mid summer, but they do love them don't they. That last shot....yummy!

  4. lovely photo collage - nicely done! The butterflies are fantastic too :-)

  5. Those last two shots of the zinnias and the mushrooms are so beautiful.

  6. Such wonderful photos, Roxi! Yes ... we are indeed saturated {overly so?} with creative opportunities. So many 'apps', so little time!

  7. Such beautiful images! Great collages, and I totally love that last photo. I think an iPhone art show would be so fun!

  8. I love your little zinnias and I haven't seen any this year, I have been wanting to photograph some ever since I saw them on your blog. Pooh, Love your texture work on that first photo Roxi.

  9. I'd love to visit your Photo Art Exhibition, Roxi! I'm playing with Repix on iPad inspired by a link you shared earlier ... endless possibilities, I find it hard to know when to stop?! I've enjoyed your sunflowers and the fruits of your garden via Instagram this summer - and your zinnias look lovely with the warm shades. (One of your lates Pumpkin-Photos should be a part of the exhibition, it would look lovely on canvas!)

  10. Love the butterflies such great captures. I think you have more apps than I do lol..
    Have a sunny weekend.

  11. lovely shots. i do love butterflies. an iPhone art show sounds like fun. mushrooms are cute ... i can imagine a gnome or two, perhaps a fairy dancing beneath! (I've obviously been on line too long!) Have a great week!

  12. I enjoy and admire all that you do. It is difficult to discern when presented with so many options. I struggle with this dilemma too...I've been doing a bit of Behind the Scenes reorganization to help me sort things out on my blog. Your line about too many sweet really nailed it. Do you know the scene in Gone with the Wind, where Scarlett and Rhett are eating their honeymoon dinner on a fancy riverboat? She's stuffing her face and simultaneously pointing to the next dessert she wants to try. That's how I feel sometimes when I think of all the artistic pursuits I have amassed over the years.

    That said...I so love your nature photography. I'm jealous of the variety of butterflies you've 'captured' but my heart somehow connects with your sweet little mushroom shot.

    I would so enjoy your show, I'm sure.


  13. I am needing to get off my behind and get busy on some things...sometimes it is just hard. I would almost be happy if something new came along to grab my attention.

  14. Gosh, so nice to see some more garden butterflies. I think ours might be over now that the cool rain is here. Zinias are really good value in the garden, aren't they? I love the variety of colours. I kept some seeds form last year but they didn't germinate :( Next year I'm going to buy fresh seeds and fill the garden with them.

  15. Wow so many butterflies, I have only seen 2 or three :( I love your scrapbook page and using my phone to take pictures and edit them with apps is stil on my to do list. Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. Love the variety of butterflies you've captured Roxi -- beautiful!

  17. Oh my...I think my fav photo of yours is the one of the two 'shrooms! Love the simplicity of it, and the composition.

  18. I have a crush on that last shot!!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  19. Wonderful randoms and photographs. I love the iPad apps and my Android camera apps too. So much fun.

  20. I love the idea of the iPhone art show! Perhaps this burst of creative ideas is leading you to somewhere... Love your post, thank you for sharing.

  21. My zinnias were going strong when I left for WV on Friday! So many choices are very overwhelming. I'm faced with that constantly with limited I read, do I write, do I blog, do I photograph, do I do needlework, do I scrap (paper of digital?), do I organize, do I have sex with my husband...probably the last one should be the highest priority. After all...doesn't everything come down to relationships? I'm right there with you!!!


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