Thursday, September 26, 2013

Autumn Decorating

Here are a few shots around the house this week. 
It all started when I discovered the sun had crept across the sky enough to come in the dining room window shortly after sunrise. My white chair always sits ready and waiting. 
Hallie has now taken it over as her own. She just LOVES to stare out the window and climb on it. Anyway here's my first shot and right away wasn't totally happy with the white.
 Out comes the rickety brown one for the rest. Much better.

This was everyone first stop when they came in from the garden, the fireplace hearth. 
Oh yes, we grew pumpkins this year and they pretty much took over. This was just the first major picking.
I love the tiny ones the best. The kitchen got blessed with a couple behind the sink. Small pie pumpkins.
I know I just decorated the mantle for summer not long ago. But it made for a pretty easy switch up.
( I confess, I bought the white ones.)
I really love these yellow ones with the dark stems, They may have come from a hybrid I planted. Not many of those showed up and I got a few others like the green and white striped that I didn't have seeds for.
Are you decorating yet? This blogging thing really makes me stay on my toes more. I'd really gotten lazy in the past few years. I guess this is my Geritol.
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  1. You have some lovely photos here, but #4 is stunning, looks like still life painting :)

  2. The ones in the bushel basket are great. Wonderful lighting.

  3. I saw those yellow ones with the long stems somewhere else in blogland and just fell in love with them. Great job, Ms. Pumpkin Grower. :)

  4. love all the really does say fall!

  5. Lovely pumkins all around! :-)

  6. I adore pumpkins! You have a great collection of them!


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