Saturday, September 28, 2013

1Photo30Apps Number 10

Tangled FX
I've seen many gorgeous shots on Instagram using this app but it seemed every time I used it, I wasn't getting the same results. Was I in a hurry? Most likely. I finally actually played with the adjustments and got some cool effects.
 Soft and dreamy with just a little 'tangle'.

 Increased the sharpness here. Wish I'd taken a screen shot of my settings for this.
 I know I did a hue shift on this one.
 As you can see by the screen shot, I clicked the 'Light" button. Really liking this.
 Note the differences in the sharpen and smudge size in the above and below photo.

After moving sliders around you must tap 'render' to see any changes. The great thing is you can save presets you've created. Which do you prefer, the dark or the light version?
Original photo:


  1. Thank you for this great tutorial, Roxi! I find myself also wondering often how the adjustements in different apps Works - so nice you show here how to approach and where to start adjusting! I'm fond of the painterly - sketchy apps - looking forward of trying the Tangled FX :9)

  2. Another great app review. This is one I don't have so thank you for sharing your "play" time with us.

  3. Oh My Goodness.. I LOVE this. Thanks so much for showing how you did it. Looks like a great app..


  4. I love them you do this on your iPad or on your phone?

  5. I went to the Tangled FX link just now, and their images are downright in 'why would anyone do this to an image??' Your images, on the other hand, are stunning, imaginative, and tastefully done. You have a gift. Great tutorial too.



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