Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mondays Macros In the Veggie Garden

I ventured out with my Canon and 100mm to get some close ups this morning. I was surprised to find the corn tasseling! Kim Klassen's Touch of 2 texture set at Hardlight 90% with a levels adjustment. I love the painterly effect it gives with Hardlight.

There were more surprises this morning.
One cantaloupe plant had 3 babies on it. It's the one that survived the rabbits. It had rained in the night so a lot of things were covered in dirt.

The sunflowers had lady bugs plus this strange one came to visit.

 My sunflowers are all volunteers this year.

The dill was in it's glory with it's first swallowtail caterpillar.

One onion decided to bloom. It appears it's trying to grow babies! I used Kim's Touch of 1 texture. 3 layers, 2 multiply and 1 soft light.

And of course the squash is in full production.
All Lightroom edits. Linking up with Texture Tuesday Free and Easy edition at the Cafe.


  1. Love textures, I especially like the unopened sunflower.

  2. Beautiful set of images. Love how you've processed them and the sunflower shots are amazing.

  3. I love the closed sunflower...it looks a little bashful. I love the dill with the caterpillar. Great editing and coloring and the onion is wonderful as well. Nice work...or play.

  4. Veggies as art! I love it!!! All of them.


  5. How FUN! Note to self...grow dill next year! This is just delightful!

  6. This is the way I like to 'see' the world - minute details speak volumes to me.
    Lovely, fascinating images!



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